Character Profile - Darf Krackden

Darf Krackden

Place of Origin: Brikar IV

Physical Description

Darf belongs to a humanoid species with such thick,
coarse skin they appear to be made of stone. Their
eyes, nose, and mouths appear as slits in their
faces, and their ears are tiny holes on the sides of
their heads. Their eyes are deep-set and almost
seem to have a sort of light about them.

They have thick limbs, with broad, three-fingered
hands. They also only have two toes on each foot.

His skin tone is much darker then most and is almost a dark brown color. This, along with the sharp,
angular structure of the face (which resembles the
facets of a cut stone) serve to enhance the rock-like
appearance of the Brikarian.

Personality Profile
Early years Biography

Darf Krakden was born on Brikar in 2291. He mother was a high ranking mystic and his family was devoted to the Mystical arts and teachings of Kolker. These teachings were all about honor to self and family along with extreme courage. Darf’s father was a general in the Brikarian planetary defense force. He spend most of his early years traveling with his mother from temple to temple spreading the word of Kolker.

Once Darf reached his molting period in life he shed his outer layer of skin reveling a much smoother complexation. This also was a transitional period in his life as with him being considered a grownup he joined his father on the front lines with many skirmishes with their biggest rivals the Klingons. Having to very honorful, courageous warrior species trying to via for a place in the Beta quadrant was a recipe for war. From the very beginning Darf didn’t excel at the combat as much as he did fixing and making up new weapons for his people. He was very instrumental and figuring out a large flaw in the power conversions used in their disrupter weapons systems. With such an emphasis on being a warrior a person of his smarts and skills was in high demand for the years to come.

Eventually making a name for himself he was tasked with leading the research and development team on Brikar. Some of his largest accomplishments was developing a planetary shield technology which was one of the first of its kind and was developed one week before a full Klingon invasion force came knock on their door. Another of his team’s major breakthrough was not so much a cloacking technology but a shadowing technology that allowed their ships to move through space with very little resistance as it masked them from almost all sensor technology. Still visible to the naked eye it allowed a large force to move through open space and strike smaller Klingon patrol and scout ships.

While the Federation and Brikarians tried many times to come to a deal to include them in the Federation the people of Brikar where just not easily convinced they had much to gain from inclusion. It was not frowned on for members of their people to serve in the Federation as long as they kept the advancements that had made quiet. Over time Darf started to see some of his people that had gone to the Federation start to make some impacts in small ways on the universe as a whole. With word of the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole giving access to the Gamma, Darf finally broke down and after conferring with his mother and praying to Kolker, he joined Star Fleet academy at the age 78.

The academy was a big adjustment and as one of the only of his kind he found fighting in hard. He concentrated on his studies in Operations and Damage control. While he excelled in these studies he had great conflict with dealing with so many weaker species. He found so many of the Federation species lacked honor and courage that his people held so highly. He found himself also in conflict with the couple of Klingons that were in class with him. There was a deep seeded hate for each other that no one would ever erase.

As he graduated in four years he found himself be thrown straight into war. Something he was not familiar with but he had hopes of exploring the Gamma not waging war. He was assigned to the USS Wyoming as quartermaster. He served their through the war.

In 2380 with the war over and receiving many accolades Darf was promoted to Lt. junior grade and given the role of Assistant Operations Chief. This was a role that Darf really shined in as after the ships recall they worked in the Northern expanse dealing with Romulans and other issues there. This gave him some time to get back in the role of research and development. While not giving away the secrets of his people he started to work with SFI on a new sensor masking technology.

After serving with nothing but high marks for his ability to think outside the box and come up with solutions to many issues they came across Darf was promoted to Lieutenant in 2388 and named Chief Operations Officer.

Having served 21 years on the Wyoming it was finally decommissioned and scheduled to be mothballed. Darf was transferred to the USS Pioneer. He was Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and names its Executive Officer