Character Profile - Ensign Teresa Verrez (secondary character)

Ensign Teresa Verrez (secondary character)
Terran Female

Place of Origin: Barras IV colony world

Physical Description

5’6″ (1.60m), slim athletic build. Dark brown hair and eyes, caramel skin tone. Shoulder-length wavy hair. 22 standard years old.

Personality Profile

Eager and inquisitive, with a deep desire to understand how things work (mechanisms, electronics, social dynamics, organizational structures, etc). Has a very dry sense of humor, which she uses to conceal her insecurity over her as-yet limited experience. Tends to get carried away extolling the virtues of organizational schema.

Early years Biography

Like many children, she took apart everything she could get her hands on. She was, however, much better than average at putting them back together.
When she was seven, an ancient alien ruin was discovered on Barras IV. Her parents were part of the archeological team that investigated the ruins. This sparked her interest in xenoarchaeology. Her strong interest in how things are put together easily extended from equipment to buildings and beyond.


Entered Starfleet Academy on a dual Engineering/Operations track, with several electives in archaeology and anthropology. Her natural gift for logistics and organization was noted by her instructors.
Her roommate at the Academy, a Vulcan, introduced her to logic puzzles and recursive fractal art. Both became ongoing hobbies.
Her first assignment after graduation was to the USS Tanjura.