Character Profile - Teresa Verrez (SC)

Teresa Verrez (SC)
Terran Female

Place of Origin: Barras IV colony world

Physical Description

5’6” (1.60m), slim athletic build. Dark brown hair (shoulder-length) and eyes, caramel skin tone. 22 years old.

Personality Profile

Eager and inquisitive, but also highly organized. Has a burning drive to understand how things fit together and work, from technological devices to social networks. Has a very dry sense of humor, which she sometimes uses to conceal her times of self-doubt. Tends to get carried away extolling the virtues of organizational schemes. Often has a physical puzzle of some sort in hand to fidget with when she is nervous.

Early years Biography

Born in 2276 on the colony world Barras IV. Like many children, she took apart everything she could get her hands on. She was, however, much better than average at putting them back together.
When she was seven, an ancient alien ruin was discovered on Barras IV. Her parents were part of the archeological team sent to investigate, which sparked a strong interest in xenoarchitecture in young Teresa. She ultimately decided to join Starfleet for the chance to see what was out there, and how it all fit together.


Graduated from Starfleet Academy on a dual Engineering/Operations track, with electives in xenoarchaeology. One of her roommates, a Vulcan, introduced her to recursive fractal digital art, which became an ongoing hobby. Her natural talent for finding efficient patterns was noted by her instructors and honed into a strong knack for logistics.

The maiden voyage of the USS Tanjura is her first shipboard assignment since graduation. Excitement and trepidation hold equal sway as she faces the unknowable future.

Position: Engineering crew
Rank: Ensign