Character Profile - Evan Griffin


Evan Griffin
Human Male

Place of Origin: Terra Nova

Physical Description

Evan Cooper Griffin, stands at 1.82 meters (5.9 feet) tall with short cropped blond hair, weighing 77 kg (170 pounds) he has a well-toned body. From the Earth colony of Terra Nova, and expressive eyes tend to soften his appearance. He has an awesome smile and a strong brow. His arms, chest and abs sport tattoos of various designs and logos. He has on his right pectoral muscle a tattoo of the SFMC logo. His arms have colorful designs. He is proud of his physical fitness. He works himself hard to keep fit. Otherwise, he keeps his tattoos regulation and covered. He has a great smile and a hearty laugh. Starfleet Marine life has been good to him.

Personality Profile

Evan wants to bring to more people the benefits and spirit of mutual cooperation that initially won his heart as a young man. He has the idea that if only people were not Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired – that they would be more open to the equality and the freedoms under the Federation. To him, the Federation is the way to go. From this point forward; other people’s, alien cultures and civilizations can be as unique as they want to be – as long as they align themselves and fall within the boundaries of the Federation. On a very personal note, he does want to seek out and find the Romulan bastards that attacked the colony on Terra Nova. It is not a “vendetta”; but he is not opposed to using some…”unorthodox”…means to make that a reality. Evan *LOVES* contact sports. Football, Parresis Squares, Water Polo, Velocity and Hoverball. And he is very good at them. He loves to play anything outdoors. He loves going to sports games. He loves his favorite teams:

Terra Novan Titans (Football)
The Sersan Sovereigns (Parresis Squares – Team Fontalis)
The Green Marine Mauraders (Velocity Champs – Titan Franchised Defense)

Evan also loves to eat. Sometimes he jokes that he works out so hard just so that he can eat anything he wants. He especially loves Betazoid dishes and spicy food from Bajor.

Early years Biography

Born in October of 2371 and abandoned at a young age to the State, Evan was cared for, educated and given a stable early life by the Terra Novan Academy. He was adopted when he was eight years old and raised by Betazoid parents. He was brought up and instilled with a love for the ideals of the United Federation of Planets. The whole notion of different peoples all working together towards a shared success and mutual respect was very appealing to him. He learned much of that from his adopted father, Aspen, about being a good, responsible man. Evan likes harmony and cooperation. He likes working together to the mutual benefit of everyone. In secondary school, he was elected to be the ROTC class leader for the Marine Force Recruitment efforts on campus. He was very popular and knew how to make other people feel good. He likes order and discipline. He admired and respected his adopted father and his adopted grandfather. His mother, he learned generosity, kindness, compassion and most of all…Love.

But all of that changed on the 22nd of June 2383. Terra Nova and the earth colony there were attacked. Many of Evan’s friends were killed by angry Romulan refugees and former soldiers; former thugs who felt disenfranchised and disavowed by both the Romulan Empire and the Federation. Evan, training to be a Starfleet Marine and an Explosive Ordnance Specialist, (EOD) at the Starfleet extension school on Terra Nova, came home to see his neighborhood and family home pillaged. His adopted family were beaten and severely injured.

He was angry, confused and deeply hurt. The Federation and Starfleet did nothing to help. He applied directly to the Marine Corp on Terra Nova and used his ROTC to advance through boot and trained to be a “sapper”. In the SFMC, those were combat engineers with Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialties.


2371 – 00 – born on Terra Nova to Novan parents (Human Colonists).
2375 – 4 – Battle of Betazed – Many Novan’s enlist in the Marine Corps to help defend the Federation from the oncoming Dominion invasion.
2387 – 16 – Enlists with SFMC and gets boot at Camp Lejeune on Earth..
2389 – 18 – Private Evan Griffin is assigned EOD Specialists duty and transferred to Obsidian Fleet and the Sixth Division
2391 — 20– Serves on Starbase Obsidian
2394 – 23 – Promoted to Private First Class (PFC) and transferred to USS Kurock.
2395 – 24 – Transfers to SFMC Camp Falkirk as EOD Specialist
2396 — 25 – Promoted to Lance Corporal (LCpl) and earns his extension course certification for EOD – Phased Energy Ordnance
2397 — 26 – Assigned to USS Elysium MARDET 6th Division