Character Profile - Syla Charit

Syla Charit
Aenar Non-binary

Place of Origin: Andoria

Physical Description

About 1.65 m (5’5), and skinny. Has a short faux Mohawk with his snow white hair, has very pale blue skin and milky eyes.

Personality Profile

Is more on the anxious side, but is very dedicated to her scientific pursuits. Enjoys spending time with his friends and despite the anxiety, finds it easy to make them.

Early years Biography

Spent a majority of his life dedicated to becoming an Astrophysicist, always found a fascination with space and the like, but only in a few years before applying would she seriously consider joining Starfleet to meet this goal.


Graduated from the Academy, is currently an Ensign on the USS Tanjura as the junior science officer.