Character Profile - Rocoa Etril Lotor

Rocoa Etril Lotor
Procyor Male

Place of Origin: Procyon III

Physical Description

Height 3′ 6” (1.08 m)
Weight 70 lbs (32 kg)
Hair Color Silvery-Grey w/black eye mask, ringed tail, some darker guard hairs.
Eye Color Black
Complexion: Furry. Strongly resembles an earth raccoon

Personality Profile

Civilian Contractor
Department: Field Engineering/Sales/Consulting

Rocoa Lotor prefers to go by his human nickname of ‘Rocky’. Procyor generally mature very quickly (though not as fast as Kainan) and begin their adult careers at about age 12. He is a well-known and well-respected representative of the interstellar defense contractor conglomerate ‘Galactic Dynamics’. A clever and creative field engineer as well as quite the fast-talker and adept at sales, he is often sent to major clients of Galactic to provide on-site technical support, field solutions, and to gather performance and utilization data for Galactic.

Rocky tends to…acquire any item that looks interesting and isn’t locked down. And secured. And welded to the floor. And guarded. And after that, still check his pockets for anything else in the area. He has a nearly instinctual compunction to examine any device that he hasn’t seen before; That day. He is also highly adept at coming up with reasons for why he happens to be in possession of whatever item is in question. Usually that excuse will involve some Galactic Dynamics component that is present in the item that he is ‘evaluating’.

Rocky is also a black marketeer. Anyone taking an inventory sheet of his at face value and without a sight-inspection is likely to be seriously disappointed. He knows everyone. If you can’t get the item through regular channels, Rocky’s the man to see. However, anyone accusing him of theft, or being a black marketeer will be met with shock, outrage, upset, and denials. He’s none of those things. He is simply helping people out and helping to bring products to market. He is always careful to make sure Galactic gets its money’s worth; and more.

Languages Spoken:(In decreasing order of skill) Procyor, Standard, Ferengi, Klingon, Orion (Kolari), Romulan, Orion Trader-speak, Cardassian

Hobbies & Interests: Rocky loves anything shiny. Anything that makes shiny things. Anything that is intricate or well-engineered. Puzzles and locks are a particular fascination of his, whether mechanical, electronic, or computerized. He prides himself on being an expert at breaking security systems and considers any un-cracked system to simply be a challenge. Again, when caught he will claim he was simply doing a ‘Red Flag’ test and providing a service from Galactic, and usually suggest one of their products as a superior replacement.

Hobbies: Machines. Mechanical toys. Kinetic art. Gourmet foods. Historical re-enacting.

Early years Biography

Born in City of Kantel, Procyon III, the second son in a typically large Procyor family. Unlike his wastrel older brother, Rocoa had the skill and ambition to go out into the greater galaxy and he used that plus his natural ability to sense an opportunity – or make one – to rise in one of largest engineering contractor firms in the galaxy.

Notes on species:

Procyor are often prized engineers due to their small size, incredibly dextrous and small-sized hands, insatiable curiosity and quick minds. That same size prevents them from being ranked among the galaxy’s warrior races, but they have a proud martial tradition anyway, though truth to be told, an advancing platoon of Procyor Soldiers never created much fear in anyone other than other Procyor. Possibly because they so strongly resemble cute little raccoons rather than something more predatory. One Starfleet Marine officer, observing the meter-high Procyor troops on maneuvers commented “I feel like I’m being assaulted by the Lollipop Guild.”

Rocky has just accepted a long-term assignment from Galactic to Starbase Aeon in order to assess a number of the defense giant’s products in action.

Procyor would get along well with Ferengi if they could keep their paws off of everything not nailed down. They excel at learning languages, seeing them as a puzzle to be solved. They are also good at integrating into new environments, as they are opportunistic, highly adaptable, and will eat nearly anything.