Character Profile - Ghant Xerix

Ghant Xerix

Place of Origin: Jarkana, Darona

Physical Description

Ghant is of middling height, but very well built. A slim waistline flairs upwards to large shoulders. Good posture. A head full of dark, wavy hair frames his face. The Betazoid calling card of dark eyes are placed beneath thick eyebrows and a large nose divides them. His voice is surprisingly soft, and when he is agitated it goes nearly to a harsh whisper.

Personality Profile

Ghant is funny, outgoing, kind, and optimistic. He also has a dark sense of humor, can often come across as haughty or cavalier, and can be perceived as entitled due to his background. However, he has a work ethic that is second to none, cares deeply for the suffering of others, and takes great pride in both being Betazoid and a member of the United Federation of Planets. Like most of his race, Ghant is an extrovert to put it mildly. When he first joined Starfleet, learning personal boundaries and interspecies etiquette was a bit difficult. He has since improved in this area though he still struggles occasionally. He also struggles with his telepathic and empathic abilities. Specifically, pretending that he doesn’t know something that is plainly obvious. This characteristic is intensified around people who show an open fear of telepaths.

Early years Biography

Born in Jarkana, on the Betazoid colony world of Darona, Ghant Xerix is a Son of the Third House of Betazed, Keeper of Sovereign’s Mantle, and Viceroy of Darona. Of course, with Betazed being a member-world of the Federation, these titles are honorary and largely meaningless. However, being from an important family means Ghant feels pressure to succeed in his career. Ghant’s mother was Celestria Xerix, Daughter of the Third House and a leading figure in Betazoid politics. During the Dominion War, Betazed and Darona were captured and occupied by the Jem’Hadar and their Vorta overseers. Celestria was a key player in the resistance and eventual overthrow of these belligerents, though she paid with her life during the final battle. Ghant is exceptionally proud of the heroism displayed by his mother and all his people, who managed to oust a ruthless adversary while keeping their ideals and beliefs intact. Ghant’s father is Jovari (née Sarrn) Xerix, a builder of civilian luxury shuttles and small space yachts. During the occupation, Jovari served as a blockade runner, carting supplies and medicines to the desperate resistance forces. After a rather extended period of mourning, Jovari and Ghant moved to Earth, settling in the Luxembourgish Ardennes. Ghant joined a local ballet school, which was taught by Hans Von Galen. Von Galen seen Ghant’s potential and quickly took him on as a mentee. At 17, Ghant became the youngest principal danseur in the Paris Corps de Ballet. It was also during this time that Jovari and Hans became romantically involved. The couple married the next year in a lavish ceremony outside Luxembourg city that raised more than a few eyebrows for its participants’ lack of attire. Shortly after, Ghant shocked the newlywed couple by announcing his successful application to Starfleet Academy. Jovari initially struggled against the prospect, fearing his only child was putting himself directly in harm’s way. However, Hans helped by pointing out that Starfleet was a scientific and humanitarian organization as much as a military.


Ghant applied and was approved to join Starfleet Academy at 19 years of age. He chose to specialize in Operations. After successfully graduating, he was given the rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS Envoy, an Olympic class variant built to serve as a diplomatic barge for the Federation’s Secretary of State. Two years after joining, Ghant was promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade and given the role of Chief Operations Officer. His outgoing personality was a boon for his role. The saying goes that a good Security officer knows everyone on the ship, but a good Ops officer knows how everyone takes their coffee. Three years later, Ghant was again promoted. This time to Lieutenant and accepted transfer to the USS Belle Terre, a Nebula class ship tasked with charting deep space and studying astrological phenomena. Although occasionally interesting, the ship’s charter meant long stretches of isolation and monotony. The Betazoid occupied his time with learning as much as he could about foreign civilizations, and of course keeping himself in shape with ballet. Five years later, Xerix finally received promotion to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to become Executive Officer of the USS Rampant, a Steamrunner class border cutter patrolling the Gorn borders. Just four months into his assignment, the Captain of the Rampant was court marshaled after SF Intelligence discovered that he had leaked classified information to the Gorn. Ghant was given temporary command of the USS Rampant and charged with investigating the potential ramifications of the leaked data.