Character Profile - Mira Vashan

Mira Vashan
Human Female

Place of Origin: Ilion, near the former Romulan Neutral Zone

Physical Description

Age: 30s
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 135 lbs, average build
Eyes: Amber brown
Hair: Curly, short, dark blonde with a couple colorful streaks

Personality Profile

Cocky and casual. She sometimes forgets the crunchy bits of protocol.
IF she is given vague instructions, she will assume she is expected to accomplish it as she sees fit. She doesn’t ask permission a lot, feeling it a waste of everyone’s time. Superiors have better things to do than hold her hand.
Mira’s entire motivation is to help make the galaxy a better place. She has no career aspirations. Despite that, Mira is a somewhat jaded realist. Starfleet’s recent track record of helping others is somewhat tarnished by events on Vashti and other places. But you can’t win if you don’t even try.

Early years Biography

Mira has been a member of the Fenris Rangers for nearly ten years, helping her corner of space when nobody else was. The fact is, however, that the Rangers are no longer terribly effective due to lack of resources. She’s been doing her best for some time, but with Starfleet beg, borrow and stealing (metaphorically) people, Mira has with some reluctancy signed up, hoping to be more useful there.