Character Profile - Sara’draphia T’eseri

Sara’draphia T’eseri

Place of Origin: Thyra (Nissari Homeworld)

Physical Description

for the most part, Sara’s physical appearance is similar to a human female. The exceptions being her skin colour and her ‘hair’

Her skin colour is blue and can appear shiny. Some have mistaken her skin for scales because of it’s shine in curtain lights

Sara doesn’t have hair, instead she has semi-flexible cartilage like growths that fold back from her forhead, however these are ridged and do not flop around

Personality Profile

Sara usually has an easy going personality but can appear shy And quiet from time to time. However, When she is working on an assignment or case, she comes across as very confident and slightly aggressive, often yelling orders across a room to her team.

She can be a little touchy when it comes to questions about her head crest. Especially when people ask her ‘do they move’

Sara possesses a couple of ‘psychic’ abilities that is common among her species. She has the ability to form a telepathic link between herself and another for the exchange of information, images and other such material. This connection can become deeper during mating where she can telepathically reach into her partners genetic code and can extract desired trates for the perpose of reproduction. When she creates this link, her pupils dielate and her eyes become completely black.

Her other ‘psychic’ ability could be called telekinesis. She has the ability to manipulate dark matter. This gives her the ability alter the weight of an object making it easier or harder to lift. By lightening an object, she can cause it to levitate and than move it where she wants to. When she is using this ability, a slight blue aura can be seen emanating from her.

Here’s a vid that explains it better:

Due to her species evolving on a planet mostly covered in ocean, Sara is an excellent swimmer. Her species can absorb oxygen through their skin while underwater, allowing them to ‘Breath’ while under.

Early years Biography

Born on her homeworld of Thyra, Sara’draphia was raised solely by her mother and never knew who her father was.

From a young age, she was fascinated by science and how it could explain every facet of the world around her from the smallest insect to the tallest of trees. Her mother tried her best to keep Sara up to date with the latest text books, but her position as a councillor often kept her away from Sara, which Sara grew to resent.

It wasn’t until her mid 30’s that Sara finally understood why her mother never seemed to have time for her.

Over the next ten years, Sara studied at the University of Thyra, starting with physics and gradually moving on to other fields without fully completing her course. Eventually she settled down in Medicine and obtained her doctorate.

After graduating, Sara did her internship at the main hospital on Thyra before requesting an assignment on a science vessel. Before she could receive an assignment, another species invaded Nissari space, sparking a war between the two cultures. Sara volunteered to surve at a frontline hospital on one of the boarder planets, choosing to put her training to use.

This was her first twist of war and for the first few months, she relied heavily on her nurses to keep her going. One day, during a routine triage her medical team was attacked by a squad of enemy soldiers. Having only recieved basic combat training, her team was no match for the soldiers. Fortunately, they were saved by a Nissari Commando before any of the medical team were killed. Impressed and slightly enamoured by these commando’s, Sara wanted to be one of them. So, after three months of negotiations with her superiors, she was granted clearance to receive commando training.

The first thing she noticed was that her Psychokenetic abilities paled in comparison to the other students, all of whom had been training for this for years. As a result, she ended up at the bottom of her class and was considering dropping out and returning to a safe rear guard hospital.

Fortunately for Sara, one of the older instructors saw a spark of determination in her that she didn’t see all that often. Taking Sara to one side, the instructor made Sara promise her never to give up and in return she would give her some trainging on the side to help her catch up to the other students.

Within a month of starting her new training regiment, Sara was able to catch up and keep pace with her fellow students and within a year, she was a full fledged Nissari Huntress, a revered title only given to those who demonstrate a high level of skill. After graduating, Sara returned to the same boarder planet, but instead of saving lives, she was taking them.

The war lasted for almost thirty years and by the time it was over, Sara has seen enough fighting and chose to return to the Medical profession. After a short period of retraining, she was sent to her first ship.

The ship she was assigned to, the T’lora, was simply a survey vessel and spent the next few decades mapping star clusters on the edge of the Angira vale, a large nebula which marks boarders of Nissari space. It was during one of these surveys that her ship came in contact with a Starfleet vessel.

The ship itself was severely damaged and its crew had died due to decompression. Sara, having studied Xeno-biology, was assigned to analyse and catalog this find which turned out to be the first Starfleet Vessel the Nissari people had ever seen. Salvaging what they could from the ships computer, Sara’s ship returned to Thyra to present their findings.

The governing council decided after much debate and discussion to observe this Federation and not to make contact. However, it wasn’t long before another Starfleet Vessel came looking for the lost ship and found Nissari space. After a seemingly promising first contact, the council decided to send representatives to the Federation. Fascinated by human biology, Sara requested to be aloud to join Starfleet. The case she made to the council was so she could study their culture from within, but secretly she just wanted to leave Nissari space and explore.

Agreeing, the Captain of the second Starfleet ship wrote a recommendation letter for Sara and offered to take her to Starfleet Academy on his ship as they were going back that way, to which Sara gladly accepted.