Character Profile - Lance Vincent

Lance Vincent

Place of Origin: Earth

Physical Description

Vincent looks like the surfer type with a smile that is shared often. His physique is that or an Ironman; swimmer’s muscle tones. He is the typw to be boyishly handsome but is not overly ego. He likes to be around people and his attire out of his duty uniform is to wear the Earth tones in his casual wear; more the type for shorts and sandals with a tee shirt but can clean up well for more official gatherings or fundraisers for Grant projects.

He has a soft tone to his speech and more of a listener than a talker. He likes to wear straw hats in a Fedora style. His expression is almost always open and friendly; almost like he is only listening and being very polite.

Personality Profile

Vincent seems to be a surfer or beach bum; his fascination with the water sports helped him through college and his dedication to Marine Study. He has a near perfect memory, his mid is sharper than his appearance. He thinks outside the box and his curiosity is that of a genius. HE has the social skills needed; his family taught him to be polite rather than to show his intelligence, thus he will listen more than he will speak unless professions calls him to do so.

He is very loyal and giving; he supports the underdog and protects those that need it. He is the type to have people enjoying themselves around him and will do what he can to make people comfortable in his presence. At first glance he has a passive persona until he speaks with his passion ; his actions are more socially acceptable and has a long temper; he tried to ‘friendly’ his way out of conflict.

Vincent has been known to do almost incitement actions to protect those he deems in need; he has a longing to meet and know many people/ creatures and is always wanting to learn by nature. He is passionate about his science and is a talented artist .

Early years Biography

Vincent was raised with Biologists as parents and thus was in the sea as soon as an infant. All his life he swam before he could walk and his lungs became strong and get the best efficiency out of breath control. His parents taught him privately with the admonitory curriculum being followed and tutors brought in when needed. Being the youngest by six years from the next eldest he was raised a lot on his own. His Brother was 8 years older and off to find his fortune early.

His childhood was surrounded with the beauty of the sea and the beach combers of the world. He showed great talent at an early age and graduated a year before the majority of his age peers. Thus he was attending an accelerated program of Sciences with emphasis in Marine Biology. He flew through the basics and his whole upbringing had given him an edge in Marine Studies.


Vincent opted to attend Federation Science training in Marine Biology. he was in the top 5% of his graduating class. There are still some swimming and deep diving records with his name on them as best human in his class. The amphibians always beat him though.

The first Cadet crew he was on a survey ship; the USS Tarsis, a Nova Class on the outer boarders of the federation. He was a fresh meat Science Geek fresh out the the training. He never flaunted his amassed knowledge and followed orders. The Ship was surveying a Class M planet # 14762, while it was 40% water the away team allowed Vincent to check the water supply and the oceans scans. While tallying the information he noted several routine water spouts and whirlpools in a given area. Focusing his observations he noted the spouts were to drive away accumulations of what he deduced as predatory mammals trying to make a hunting grounds near a small island. The Whirlpools took in schools of fish only. The two natural occurrences were collating only with fish and predator migrations. He also followed the scans and with a shuttle discovered a Natural occurrence with humanoid amphibians in control. The race were intelligent but primitive so the Prime Directive was rated upon the planet but his diligence earned him an accommodation.

Next he was on a vessel; the USS Cortez. The Science ship was exploring when a plethora of flora and fauna . The crew had taken to logging he plants. Vincent had some space gear he had adapted for underwater so he scanned the reefs and ocean floor to discover some variations of plankton and green moss that the Medical people used for some natural cures. He also found a form of intelligent Dolphins that were more highly developed into social networks and seemed nearly telepathic. Observations teams were later sent to follow up on his discoveries. He also noted the ruins of a fallen culture that had succumbed to natural disaster not unlike the legend of Atlantis. but no remaining people were detected.

Spending time on a Space Station he developed a design to adapt a Runabout into a mobile aquatic lab. It was adapting the modular sections to be small labs and running impellers. The Engineering department did their part while Vincent adapted the sensory and lab equipment for the task. Thus creating the small ‘Sea Ray’ class Runabout with emphasis on Marine study. Other models were more easily adapted a mobile Science labs and not the extensive impeller modifications required.

His next assignment was to Langley Station.