Character Profile - Sofia Cipriani

Sofia Cipriani

Place of Origin: Turin Italy Earth

Physical Description

Small and sleak, almost missable in a room full of people if you don’t know she is there. Has brown hair but usually dyes it blonde. Has a quirky smile that is infectious to others.

Personality Profile

A loving and caring young woman who at times can be quite trusting of the world around her. She would do anything for family, also for friends as she is a devoted to their happiness as much as her own.

Believes in fighting for what is right and that no job is too small for anyone, no matter their station in life.

Early years Biography

Brought into the world on the 5th of January 2378 in a little village just on the outskirts of Turin, Italy. Her parents were simple people who lived off the land and worked with their hands, skills they taught to their children.

Her father was a carpenter and made things for the village, for the people that lived there and was a popular man by those who knew him and used his services.

Her mother was an author with published books on the politics of Earth, Vulcan and Andoria. These filtered through the quadrant and were required reading at the Academy.

All this in a loving family that sported 2 older brothers and an older sister.

Her upbringing was humble, earthy to a degree as everything they had was made by them, by their village and really only ever used technology in times of great need which were few and far between. They grew their own food, used wood from locally planted trees and were very self sufficient.

Her childhood and most of her adolescence was spent in fields, woods playing with friends and learning the roots of her heritage from her parents and the townsfolk.

Sofia was a bookworm, she wasn’t shy in admitting that. Her mother being an author made her appreciate the written word, the authenticity of books and knowledge. Since a young age she always had a book in her hand.

As such she excelled at school, especially in subjects such as history and English.

She graduated high school at the age of 16 but took a path that surprised her parents.

During high school she had fell in love with a boy who dreamt of Starfleet, the stars and all the adventures that were above the clouds. Sadly their relationship didn’t last but her curiosity did and she decided to enlist in Starfleet.

Through her training she found that her talents were suited to more administrative tasks, her organisational skills were exceptional. She found new friends and a new sense of self but also a world of information she didn’t know on worlds she hadn’t heard of.


Basic Training – 2393 -> 2394
Administrative School – 2394
Yeoman, USS Pioneer (CN rank) – 2395