Character Profile - Timor Bek

Timor Bek

Place of Origin: Sanfrancisco, Earth

Physical Description

Timor strikes a relatively intimidating figure being tall, broad shouldered and square jawed. While his frame is athletic from years of training it is starting to pad out a little from age, this is something Timor tries to hide. Like all Trill he possess two parallel rows of spots from his head to his toes. He has been described as ‘rugged’ with a thick peppered bed head and neat trimmed stubble lining his jaw. On duty Timor is often seen with his sleeves up and in a casual version of uniform, while off duty he prefers jeans, and flannel shirts over the more modern fitted clothing of the 24th century. While he can look intimidating at first glance Timor has a warm smile and eyes that reflect a wealth of wisdom giving hima fatherly appearance to his friends and those who serve under him.

Personality Profile

Excerpt from StarFleet medical File – Lt.Commander Erin Baker – Ships Counsellor – USS Nautilus

From my observations Lt Bek appears to have adjusted well to life as a joined Trill. His confidence has grown and he appears very collected. Whilst extremely genial he maintains a level of professional distance from his staff and has rightly gained a reputation for being firm but fair.

He continues to display and possess a high sense of morality, unfortunately he appears more prone to play fast and loose with the rules if they contradict his moral code. He has also maintained an extremely practical ‘hands on’ approach to his work. For someone who was once very shy Lt. Bek has certainly come out of his shell, engaging more with the crew out of hours and sharing his talent and love for music. Although I fear his sense of humour may be a little dry for some peoples tastes and this may cause some friction off duty.

Early years Biography

Bourn in 2339 on Earth Timor is the eldest son of shipping and freight tycoon Yedrin Kratos. Timor is the first of his family to enter StarFleet a source of constant friction between himself and his family. He is also the only member of his family to have undergone joining a practice his father and mother both disapprove of.

Timor was raised in San Francisco Earth where his parents quadrant wide shipping business was based. They had chosen Earth to raise their family and start their business after finding it almost impossible to compete with joined Trill back on the home world. Here they assimilated into the remaining cosmopolitan culture on earth and bought their son up with largely alien friends. The homeworld or Trill culture were rarely discussed in their house.

For the most part Timor had a happy childhood, although he found he had a love hate relationship with his sister who always seemed to be in competition with him.

It was made clear from a young age that Timor should expect to take over the family business. However Timor had other plans, he had always enjoyed hearing stories from the freighter crews and playing with parts they gave him than strategic business planning and going through the accounts. Meetings bored him and so did text book academia. While finishing high school he secretly applied to StarFleet Academy.

Timor scrapped the grades he needed to get in, but could no longer keep his application a secret when his father caught him sneaking out to attend an entrance exam. This resulted in the two of them not seaking for 4 years, as his Father began grooming his next heir to the empire, Timors sister.


In 2357 Timor enters the Academy for basic training. He is seen as being shy, yet quietly confident and makes few friends within his squad. It is quickly picked up by his trainers that he excels in practical tasks such as piloting and engineering but wasn’t so good with the books.

During this year he gained the nicknames ‘Tim’, ‘Timmy’ and ‘Mr T’. His friends said this was because he was the most human Trill they ever met. When Timor asked what they meant he was introduced to Senior Cadet Lela Bek, the first Trill he had met outside his family. The two had very different cultural backgrounds, likes and dislikes but they struck up a close friendship very quickly bonding over their one shared love, music.

The following year Timor is filtered into the Services division majoring in Engineering. This was where people saw Timor begin to grow from a shy cadet to a promising future officer. He found he had a natural talent for pulling things apart and putting them back together again. He also showed an aptitude for diagnostic engineering. While still weak on theory he excelled in training and continued to impress his instructors even though they wanted more from him. He made small academic gains.

In his third year the Academy was beginning to feel like home to him. But he was soon to be uprooted as this year saw him take part in the cadet cruise.

He was assigned to the USS Repulse an Excelsior class cruiser assigned to the Cardassian border. Timor started his time on the Repulse assigned to the engineering department and proved valuable as a diagnostician. Feeling his talents maybe wasted below decks the Chief Engineer recommended him for a bridge position. Timor did not feel particularly at home on the bridge, and was worried he would frustrate the command crew as he made numerous small mistakes. The Repulse Captain Jimmy Dalton took an almost fatherly shine to Timor and did not only tolerate him, but personally saw to his tuition and spent time getting to know him. Over the course of the cruise the two developed a deep student/mentor relationship and kept in touch after the cruise ended.

Upon graduation Timor was requested to serve aboard the new Nebula Class USS Daedalus by Captain Dalton and assigned to the bridge as an Operations Officer. He was pleased to find that Lela had also been assigned to the Deadalus the previous year and had earned a place as Chief Tactical Officer. The two picked up their friendship where they left off and were inseparable, it was widely believed the two of them would begin dating but this was never to pass as Lela began dating Jennifer Monroe the ships Executive Officer.

The next few years passed quickly and Timor had seen a steady rise through the ranks to Lt. Jg and Chief Operations Officer. The Deadalus and her crew saw little action serving mostly as a survey vessel. This was to change in 2366 when the Daedalus was summoned to Wolf 359.

The fear on the bridge was palpable as they waited for the first major starfleet offensive against the Borg. The battle did not go well and the effects would haunt Timor for a lifetime. The Daedalus managed to survive late into the battle but had taken heavy damage. During the fighting a plasma discharge on the bridge struck Lela fatally wounding her, Timor ran to her side and tried to comfort her but he was ordered back to his station. Duty bound he complied, when the order was finally given to abandon ship Timor grabbed Lela and stayed with her in the escape pod even as she died enroute to the starbase.

Arriving at Starbase doctors became immediately interested in Lela and whisked he to the infirmary. Timor was summoned soon after, where he was told the symbiote was still alive but could not be saved by stasis. The symbiote needed a host to keep it alive until the Symbiosis Commission could send the next legitimate host. Wanting to honour Lelas memory Timor agreed to the procedure and was implanted with the Bek symbiote.

While unprepared for joining Timor seemed to cope well with the 5 life times of memories he’d now acquired and relished in being so close to Lela. Knowing it wasn’t going to be long until the symbiote was removed he chose to spend much of his time alone apart from a few visits with Captain Dalton. The joining was to become permanent when the new host arrived too late.

Concerned for the well being of the symbiote Timor was taken to the trill homeworld for assessment and climatisation.

Having never been to the homeworld Timor found it a strange experience as it felt familiar and Alien at the same time. During this time his mother came to visit, she made it clear that her and his father were not pleased with his choice to firstly join starfleet and now to be joined. She made it clear that though his father may not be happy and its not the life she would have chosen he is still loved. After being satisfied Timor and the Bek symbiote were compatible the Symbiosis Commission released Timor to return to his life.

Following a strained leave of absence with his parents on Earth Timor returned to service.
Promoted to full Lieutenant for his actions during Wolf 359 he requested a transfer out of operations and into Tactical the field once held by Lela.

His request was granted and he was assigned to the USS Nautilus with the surviving members of the Daedalus crew. The ship was a brand new Akira class vessel and saw extensive deployment back along the Cardassian border. In 2369 the Nautilus was called to Bajor to supervise the Cardassian withdrawal and provide aid to the Bajoran people.

It was here Timor first met his future wife Nikko. The two fell in love almost instantly although Timor tried to rise above the usual temptations of romance. However he couldn’t help but get carried away. Later that year Nikko gave birth to their one and only child who was named for Timors maternal grandmother. It was agreed they would set up home on Bajor and took residence in an old fam house in Dakhur province. Having raised a family in at least four previous life times Timor wanted to return to duty. Content with her own career Nikko agreed to let him go, but this was on the condition they were married and he would return. Happily Timor agreed, returning to Bajor instead of Earth between tours.

In 2373 The Nautilus saw its first action of the Dominion war and was responsible for covering the Federation retreat from the Bajoran sector. Timor had tried to persuade his wife to join him in Federation space, but she did not wish to leave their family home. Shortly afterwards communication from Bajor ceased, causing a great deal of worry for Timor. Captain Dalton comforted him by saying they would be back in the sector before they knew it.

Based out of Starbase 375 The Nautilus was involved in multiple skirmishes until the battle to retake Deep Space Nine. The Nautilus took heavy damage engaging the Cardassian cruisers. During the battle Captain Dalton was killed and the XO incapacitated. Timor took command and kept the ship from being destroyed. Upon the ships eventual arrival at DS9 Timor was debriefed before being sent to the infirmary.

The Nautilus was put under the Command of now Captain Jennifer Monroe, who was not entirely pleased to find out that due to a shortage of officers Timor had been assigned as her First Officer. The two of them had a strained personal relationship after Lelas death but still managed to form a respectful working relationship. Timor found it stressful but enjoyed being in the command track and found welcome reprieve visiting his wife and child on Bajor between skirmishes.

In 2374 the Nautilus took part in the first battle of Chintoka and was again called to the system to defend it when the Dominion attempted to push the Federation out. During this conflict the Nautilus positioned itself to defend damaged ships. Timor was ordered to lead a damage control team aboard the Defiant class USS Courageous. Once aboard it was apparent that the ships entire command staff had been killed, Timor once again assumed command of a damaged vessel and lead it limping home.

For the rest of the War Timor was assigned command of the Courageous under Captain Monroes recommendation. He relished command but felt disdain for the constant combat the Courageous was forced to endure. The Courageous was utilised for the last battle of the war to take Cardassia and came through relatively unscathed as being used in the later half of the battle to mop up resistance.

Following the war Timor was given permanent command of the Courageous and was assigned to patrol occupied Cardassian territory. Apart from taking care of a few pockets of Dominion resistance and defending a few major pirate skirmishes, post war life was quiet for the Courageous and allowed plenty of time for Timor to head home and act as a father and husband something he enjoyed more than he admitted. It was this that lead him to apply for an instructor post at the new StarFleet Academy centre on Bajor. A short while later he was posted there with the task of bringing Bajoran Militia officers into the Starfleet command structure.

During his time back on Bajor he had a great influence over his daughter who made him extremely proud by deciding to enter StarFleet Academy.

With his daughter leaving for the Academy his wife hoped that Timor would continue to remain planet side, but he became restless after serving in the same role for so long and jumped at the chance of taking over another ship. In 2389 he was offered command of the Nova Class USS August.