Character Profile - Curtis Thibideaux

Curtis Thibideaux

Place of Origin: Born aboard the Freighter Cordilan’s Folly in transit between Breighton’s World and Cl’gon’s Moon.

Physical Description

Curtis is a tall, solidly built man of average looks and bearing. Curtis has hazel eyes and light brown hair. He keeps himself well groomed, but his clothing ranges from what’s expected of him on duty and what’s most comfortable and practical when he can get away with it.

Personality Profile

Curt has spent his life in space. He’s considers himself a professional spacer and officer, leaning more toward the former in his developing command style. He doesn’t stand on ceremony when there’s a job to do and prefers smaller ships where the crews become more like a family.

That being said, he is fully aware of that all families have disfunction and as XO, its his job to keep that disfunction, functioning.

Early years Biography

Born 2.8.2358 aboard the Freighter Cordilan’s Folly in transit between Breighton’s World and Cl’gon’s Moon. The fifth of five children, Jon’s parents raised them all aboard the Folly, which they were 3/4 owners in.

Curt grew up learning the ins and outs of running a small freighter. Like his siblings, he ran maintenance and tried keep out of trouble (mostly) as the ship traveled between ports of call.

By the age of 14 he knew he wanted to serve in StarFleet (where the ships all worked, most of the time and following his father’s footsteps)


2378 – graduated Star Fleet Academy/Posted to USS Kilauea
2379 – Seconded to USS Longbow / Lt. JG.
2380 – Posted to USS Longbow
2382 – Promoted to Lieutenant/Appointed 3rd Officer-USS Longbow
2384 – Posted to Starbase 310 Operations Chief / Tactical
2386 – Transfered to USS M’iridian as 3rd Officer / Operations Chief
2390 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander / XO USS M’iridian
2392 – Command Training
2393 – Appointed Aide to Admiral Vice Admiral Shy / Fleet Inspector General
2395 – Promoted to Commander / Transferred to USS Valiant, as XO