Character Profile - Hiro Yoshida

Hiro Yoshida

Place of Origin: Kyoto, Japan, Earth

Physical Description

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 156 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Physical Description: Hiro has a fit body due to regular physical workouts, but does not look like a bodybuilder. His physique is more like that of a gymnast. He has a small tattoo of Betty Boop on his upper right arm.

Personality Profile

General Overview:
Hiro is a man of few words to people who he doesn’t know well, though he will always be polite and respectful. In contrast, (close) friends and family will know him as a loyal friend and a warm and friendly person. In his spare time he practices meditation – though not every day – and Kendo. Besides that he does enjoy to have a good time with friends wherever one can relax, or spend an adventure with them on the Holodeck. Hiro does not talk about his parents, and certainly not about how they died, unless he has to or fully trusts the person who asks about them. He is the proud owner of a one of a kind Katana created in 1912 (Gendaitō period), which has been passed down from generation to generation in the Yoshida family.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
+ Excellent physical condition
+ Loyal
+ Patience
+ Empathic
+ Analytical
– Can be overprotective of close friends, family and loved ones
– Can be stubborn when he believes he’s absolutely right.
– Often does not think of the repercussions or situation before helping someone he sees in trouble, suffering or in need.
– Still has some (irrational) fear of using Transporters, even though the statististics are telling him it’s safe.

To do what he can to uphold the ideals of the United Federation of Planets, and to better himself as a human individual.

Hobbies & Interests:
Movies, Sumo wrestling, History/code of the Samurai, Go, Chess, Kendo, and Philosophy.


Language(s) Spoken:
Federation Standard, Japanese, Vulcan

Early years Biography

Relationship Status: Single
Partner: none
Children: none
Father: Aito Yoshida (Biological father, born: 2339, deceased: 2377)
Mother: Kimiko Yoshida (Biological mother, born: 2340, deceased: 2377)
Brother(s): none
Sister(s): none
Other Family: Captain Mizuki Yoshida (Aunt, born: 2343)
Pets: A Cat called Michio (Male, Blue British Shorthair)

Hiro was born in a relatively quiet neighborhood of Kyoto, Japan. His father worked at the University of Kyoto as an expert in Terraforming while his mother teached the Japanese language at Horikawa High school in Kyoto.

He entered the same school where his mother worked as a teacher, mostly for practical reasons. Though Hiro certainly was not a nerd, he enjoyed his time at school. Like everyone he had his preferences as to what was taught, but other than that life was pretty good. For example, Hiro discovered he had a feel for Mathematics. It didn’t came naturally, but with a little practice it all became quite easy for him. One of his most favorite subjects was Information Theory, which was touched upon in his last year, and it still is up until this day. Learning languages, however, was not something he was good at. Assignments that had to do with spelling and grammar he found utterly boring and thus he only got average scores at best for that.

In the Autumn of 2377 Hiro’s parents went to the planet “Blue Horizon”. His father had always wanted to see the work of the famed terraformer Professor Gideon Seyetik. When the opportunity presented itself he took it with both hands. Since Kimiko enjoyed a short holiday at that time, he asked her to join him. Upon return they transported back to Earth from the Science vessel USS Magellan and that was when things went wrong. Hiro and his Aunt stood waiting for them to arrive, but when the Transporter beam activated they heard loud agonizing screams and what materialized on the Transporter pad was indescribable. The then Lt. Commander Mizuki Yoshida covered Hiro’s eyes the moment she realized what had happened, but it was too late. It took Hiro years to come to terms with the loss of his parents. One thing he never forgot was the image of what he saw that day on the Transporter pad.

During the years that followed Hiro was raised and cared for by his Aunt. The first 2 years they stayed on the USS Angung, the ship where Mizuki had been assigned since 2374. It was a difficult time for both and Mizuki realised something had to change. She transferred to Earth Station McKinley, where a position for a senior Science officer had become available, reasoning it would offer a more stable environment for Hiro to grow up. It would also allow him to go back to Horikawa High school in Kyoto.

Slowly things got back to normal. Mizuki loved Hiro like he was her own child and, in between her Starfleet duties, raised him as best she could. At times she took him to McKinley and showed what kind of work she and her team were doing. This was what sparked Hiro’s interest in Science and Engineering. Over time this was picked up by Mizuki and her colleagues and they started to invite Hiro to come along as they did their various (non-sensitive) assignments. Hiro watched, asked numerous questions, and became ever more versed in the fields of Science en Engineering. He soon reached a level of understanding that allowed him to help the Science Officers in his Aunt’s team with routine tasks.


With all that he’d learned from his Aunt and the people that worked at McKinley, Hiro head a head start when he applied to Starfleet Academy in 2387. Though the competition was fierce he was among the happy few that were admitted that year.

Upon hearing the good news, and knowing they would be seeing each other a lot less now, Mizuki thought it was time to pass on the unique Katana that had been in the family for centuries. Hiro was humbled by the impressive gift and promised to take good care of it. His Aunt made him promise not to use it under any circumstance, except in emergencies.

During his Academy years Hiro mostly tended to his studies, with a few hours per week to extracurricular activities like Parrises squares. Naturally he made new friends, but amongst them were only few that really became close friends.

When faced with having to choose a between the Science or Engineering track, Hiro chose the latter. Though he loved the Sciences he favored the practical side of Engineering and the ability to put theory to practice. His talent for Mathematics expressed itself in several courses like Warp Design, Transporter Theory, and Subspace Communication. In the final two years of Starfleet Academy Hiro focused on the last two subjects.

On the day Hiro graduated his Aunt was there too meet and congratulate him, plus several of her colleagues that he’d come to know and worked with years back. Mizuki was overjoyed – almost to the point of being ecstatic – that Hiro had graduated. One of the colleagues gave him a cat as a gift, and jokingly said that now the “blue ball of fur” would have to keep Hiro company instead of them since he would probably be sent to who knows where. Not long after Hiro was assigned to the USS Gryphon as an Engineer on the Gamma Shift.

It was in 2393 that he really got noted by the senior staff and the Captain of the USS Gryphon. In that year the Gryphon received a distress call from the USS Shostak. They were caught in the extreme gravitational field of a Neutron star and were unable to escape. When the Gryphon found the Shostak there were only 37 minutes left before the Nova class ship would be torn apart. It was believed that transporting the crew on board could not be done because of the severe gravitational waves, but it was Hiro – using his deep knowledge of Transporter Theory – who offered an innovative solution that made it possible anyway. In the end all of the Shostak’s crew were saved.

In 2395 Hiro was offered and accepted the position of Assistant Chief Engineer on the USS Nogura.

Roughly a year later the Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Sha’nae Ba’au, was relieved from duty due to assaulting a Flag Officer (Rear Admiral Cornelius Harrington III). Directly following that incident Hiro was appointed as Acting Chief Engineering Officer until further notice.

Following the Collector mission and the destruction of the stardrive section of the USS Nogura, Hiro was reassigned to Starbase 50, also known as Poseidon Station, as Chief Of Station Operations. However, due to the change from Engineering to Operations he spent the next four months at Starfleet Academy, Earth, to bridge the gap in knowledge concerning Operations.

Service Record:
2369: Birth
2387: Graduation from Horikawa High school, Kyoto
2387: Entered Starfleet Academy
2391: Graduated from Starfleet Academy, Engineering track. Specialized in Transporter Theory and Subspace Communication. Commissioned as Ensign.
2391-2395: USS Gryphon, Ensign, Engineer
2395-May,2396: USS Nogura, Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Engineer
May,2396-July, 2396: USS Nogura, Lieutenant JG, Acting Chief Engineer
July, 2396-Present: Starbase 50, Chief Of Station Operations