Character Profile - Allison Mae Steiger

Allison Mae Steiger

Place of Origin: Starbase 84

Physical Description

Allison stands at average height, her build is physically fit and trimmed but not overly so. She tends not to put up her hair unless required.

Personality Profile

Allison genuinely enjoys her work with Starfleet and is driven to continue to advance the ideals of truth, justice and keeping the peace. However, she joined Starfleet Academy during the Dominion War and that burned into her that she must be just as ready to protect the Federation as she would be to explore the unknown. She believes that compromising the integrity of Starfleet and the Federation are unacceptable.

She is only reserved for a short while when meeting new people, more just to size them up, before opening up a great deal more. Allison does tend to favor her independence but that does not mean she shuns people, rather she brings people into her life because she wants them there, not to fulfill a purpose. She tends to trust fairly easily with those around her but once that trust is broken, it becomes very difficult to restore faith in the one who broke it.

Allison very much enjoys a new challenge and to learn more about the unknown. To her, there is no way that learning something new is detrimental, be it in the short or long term. This has led to her being rather adaptable to various situations but sometimes this also causes her to overextend to the limits of her abilities. Her ever inquisitive nature means that she is always looking for a better way to do things and always considering what lays beyond, which does mean sometimes she can lose sight of the here and now.

When faced with adversity, she tends to pull within herself and try to push headlong through the problem and become very withdrawn from those around her. While she has a great sense of humor and it does tend to act as a coping mechanism for her, she also tends to double down on the sarcasm when faced with a difficult situation.

Early years Biography

Allison was born in 2352 on Starbase 84. Both of her parents were Starfleet officers, her father was a computer systems specialist and her mother a xenolinguist. Because of their careers, Allison would grow up an only child and would bounce from facility to facility, with her parents alternating between taking tours aboard starships. As such, Allison had few friends and few constants in her life but Starfleet. She learned how to tell ships apart from one another, basic operating procedures and other initial bits of information about life in Starfleet from her parents and the various crews she met during their travels. By 12, Allison was certain she wanted to join up and put in her application to Starfleet Academy as soon as she could. Her application was accepted in 2370, and she was placed into the Command Studies Track for her major at the Academy, with her minor being in Tactical. By her 3rd year, the Dominion War broke out and she graduated in 2374 during the war.

Allison’s first posting was aboard the USS Valley Forge as a relief Tactical Officer. However, this was short-lived as the Valley Forge was crippled at the First Battle of Chin’toka and Allison was reassigned to the USS Lakota for the duration of the conflict. Following the conclusion of the war, Allison took an assignment with Utopia Planitia to determine how to apply the Lakota’s refits with modern weapons to the rest of the fleet. Her insights helped to streamline the process, and Allison had practically learned the tactical systems of half a dozen ships just to keep up with the rest of her peers. This earned her recognition to being invited to serve as Deputy Tactical Officer on the USS Intrepid, which she accepted as the project was starting to make headway without her.

She joined the Intrepid’s crew in 2378, the same year that Intrepid’s sister ship, Voyager, returned back to the Alpha Quadrant after being lost in the Delta Quadrant for 7 years. She would remain on the Intrepid for another 4 years, learning to develop her leadership skills under the training of the Intrepid’s First Officer. However, a relationship she had undertaken with one of her peers, a member of the Intrepid’s engineering crew, ended badly and Allison requested a transfer off in 2384. Her request was accepted and she was granted the dual roles of Chief Tactical Officer and Second Officer aboard the USS Aurora. One year later, the Aurora was attacked by hostile pirates while conducting a survey mission. With the Captain and Away Team stranded on the surface of a volatile world, Allison’s quick thinking and study of historical tactics allowed her and the First Officer to drive off the pirates with minimal damage to the Aurora and time to rescue the Away Team.

Her efforts showed that she was not just a capable tactical officer, but was also in position to be moved into a Command role more suited to someone of her skills and knowledge. She continued to serve on the Aurora for another 5 years, until she was temporarily reassigned to the USS Sovereign to undergo a training program that would groom her to become a First Officer. However, despite Allison’s skill and knowledge, she placed in the bottom percentile of the class. Discouraged and embarrassed, Allison requested to be transferred to another ship and to not return to the USS Aurora. Her request was granted and she was assigned as Chief Tactical Officer on the Sovereign until a more permanent assignment could be granted to her, the USS Leyte Gulf.

It was here that Allison’s career would take a hit, her discouragement and frustration on the Sovereign led to her to become a stringent perfectionist and quite short with her subordinates and peers. This behavior found her fall out of the good graces of many of her superiors and saw her reassigned to the USS Korolev, an aging starship operating in the backwaters of Federation. It was a punishment detail and Allison considered retirement. However, the Korolev’s Captain saw the potential that had been in Allison before she set foot on the Sovereign. She spent a year and a half relearning how to rediscover herself. Her progress was noted and Starfleet Command reassigned her, but to the fringes of their space, aboard the USS Harbinger. But her tenure as Chief Tactical Officer was short lived, as she received orders that stated her to be First Officer.


2370 – Enters Starfleet Academy – Primary: Command Track/Minor: Tactical
2374 – Graduates Starfleet Academy, Commissioned as Ensign, Assigned to USS Valley Forge. Reassigned to USS Lakota.
2376 – Reassigned to Utopia Planitia Shipyards as part of Tactical Modernization Project. Promoted to Lieutenant JG.
2378 – Reassigned to USS Intrepid.
2379 – Promoted to Lieutenant
2384 – Reassigned to USS Aurora
2385 – Received Commendation for Actions under Duress, Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
2390 – Assigned to Advanced Command Training aboard USS Sovereign. Rejected for promotion to Commander. Reassigned to USS Sovereign
2391 – Reassigned to USS Leyte Gulf
2394 – Reassigned to USS Korolev
2396 – Reassigned to USS Harbinger