Character Profile - Julia Wilson

Julia Wilson

Place of Origin: Earth

Physical Description

At first glance Julia looks like a nerd. She hates attracting attention to herself. She dresses in earth tone suits because someone once told her that would look professional. Her long hair is usually up on a bun.

In her spare time she wears jeans with a simple unicolor shirt or sweater if it’s colder. She hates shopping, make up and all those girly stuff, as she doesn’t see any use in it. The only reason her hair is lighter at the moment is because her sister did it for her just before she left Earth.

Because she has a non-active profession and she loves food, specially trying out new kinds of food, she decided she needed a gym routine to prevent her from gaining too much weight. If she did she would need to go shopping and she really hates that. So she goes to the gym 2-3 times a week and you can see that at her body. She is toned with good developed muscles.

Personality Profile

Julia is a shy, calm person who always tries to avoid arguments and disagreements. From when she was little she always had to mediate between her older brother and younger sister.

Early years Biography

Julia was born on August 15, 2361 as the second child of Stefano and Agostina Fiorentino in Pinerolo, Italy, near the French border.

When she was little she already had a love for space. Her grandmother, who had been a science officer on starships before she got married nurtured that passion by teaching her granddaughter what she could. For her 10th birthday she gave Julia a portable telescope, something Julia still treasures and brings with her.

During high school (and even before that) it was discovered that Julia was a quick learner. Often enough she was bored in class, working ahead when she could but at a point she couldn’t do that. So she decided to keep herself busy by learning other stuff. She learned other languages and did advanced courses on Physics and Chemistry. At 17 she was accepted at Oxford University with their Astrophysics program. Moving away to the university was hard on her. She’s from a close nit family, but it had been something she had been working towards all her life.

She loved it at Oxford. Having a chance to learn all she wanted to learn, using equipment she could only dream about. But somewhere in her second year she got bored again, so decided to do some courses on first aid and lots of other qualities she thought would come in handy in life.

After graduation she continued with her PhD studies. Then in December 2383 she was asked to guest lecture for a group of new science students about her field. Astrophysics 101, or as she called it, Astrophysics for Dummies. She had a great time doing that, even more when she met a certain operations crewman, Nathan Wilson. She liked him from the start but didn’t have the time to date as she wanted to focus all of her time to her studies. A colleague, who had seen the look on her face when she saw him, had dared her to ask him out, which she then did.

They had a stormy romance they got married weeks before Nate would ship out to his new assignment. Before he left he promised he would find a way to be together, but told her it might take a while.

The following year they barely saw each other as he went from one starship to another, sometimes getting leave on Earth. Every time he left again he made her the same promise he always did. That he would find a way for them to be together.

After getting her PhD she found a job at the Instituto di Sabiduria in Brazil, followed by the Chie Institure in Tokio. During the years she worked hard and spend most of her time at work. Didn’t really have a personal life, but she didn’t miss it. She and Nathan talked almost daily by subspace but that didn’t mean she didn’t miss him.

Then in the summer of 2390 Nate told her about another transfer, to the USS Asgard. Still not a posting on or near Earth. She got so pissed and went home where she stayed with her sister. Seeing her sister so happy with her family she decided that’s what she wanted to. To live with her husband. She made an appointment with a Starfleet Recruitment agency and signed up for OCS. With her background and field of study they were happy to recruit her.


After finishing OCS she packed up her stuff, said goodbye to her family and left for the Asgard, where she also had been assigned to. Her plan to surprise her husband was successful, as he was flabbergasted. It took them a few months to learn to live together and be a couple but they were just happy to finally be a real couple.

After serving on the Asgard for a little more then two year the Asgards Chief Science Officer retired and the position was given to Julia.

At the end of 2395 the couple received a combined new assigned on the USS Sarek. Julia continued serving as Chief Science Officer and Nathan as its Quartermaster.