Character Profile - Igarth Ginsh

Igarth Ginsh

Place of Origin: Tellar Prime

Physical Description

Hair ColorAsh Blond
Eye ColorBlack
Physical DescriptionAverage height for his species, meaning slightly shorter than either of the other three founding races, quite a heavy build, off duty attire tends to more baggy and long almost tunic-like top garments of generally a dark solid colour set off by bands of two or more vibrant colours

Personality Profile

As an intellectual he likes to speculate about a variety of cultural subjects, these speculations tend to form the base of his conversations, which can at times seem argumentative or provocative, his own views are rarely set in stone and these conversations are another way of him learning. In a practical sense his approach is a blend of precision and a tendency to draw conclusions based on limited information, perusing a course to either a solution or until it becomes unworkable, in which case he will simply revise his position as needed and move on, which makes him a highly effective problem-solver
Strengths & Weaknesses. ++Inquisitive, he actively seeks new information and experiences and encounters with other cultures.–Fixation, his attention to detail at times can mean his focus on a concept or ideal or way of thinking and working that can be diffcult but not impossible to move.

Early years Biography

During later schooling he had a strong leaning towards cultural studies, eventually taking it as an elective subject, the early modules involved the comparisons of the differences between the three dialect areas of Tellar Prime, including two educational field trips of three weeks each. Having originally lived in the north eastern continent, he was encouraged by parents to seek out familer places to him, also a number of places each of them frequented as well as a number of relatives. This meant the trip and subsequent report was a little more involved and personal, this was noted by his teachers. The field trip to the Western Isles was a little more refreshing and far more relaxing, without the emotional attachment it felt more like a holiday than a educational trip, he tried to immerse himself in the culture, but his emphasis on precision before interacting caused him to miss a few opportunities and left him feeling a little left out. A educational councillor commend his precise nature, but encouraged it be tempered by a willingness to experience, he took this on board and attempted to put it into practice. He had ample opportunity during the later modules which including exchange visits by selected students of the four founding races. As such over successive months the class and school were host to, a Vulcan, a Andorian, and a Human. This being an annual event for the school, he knew a little of what to expect, certainly that it tended to be some of the more eventful moments of the year. Although not one of the three students selected to go out, he was selected to organise the welcome for the Andorian student, although it went reasonably well the outspoken comments that was more Vulcan that Tellarite prompted him and those with him to be a little more argumentative which seemed to have a good result. A fact that all three also had the desire and intention to enter Starfleet, impressed up on him that might be a good use of his talents.

The six months that followed his finishing primary education and the next available application window for Starfleet, were taken up by working for his father and extra tuition session to ensure he was properly prepared. Acceptance into Starfleet, meant not just a move from home, but move from planet of birth. The first few months were tough, to his credit he stuck to the trial and error approach when it came to new people and interactions, which served him well, his interest in cultures and languages lead him towards the sciences for the most part, with his precision giving him options when it came to operations and engineering. He was steered onto the communications branch by tutors and councillors.


Out of the Academy he was assigned to a Engle-Class cruiser, sent to follow up on the data collected by the latest mapping missions, the systems contained the usal mix of planet, some habitable, some not, although most had something of scientific significance. One planet did host a civilisation, however due to their development being pre-warp, the best they could do was gather data from orbit, including the language, which he assisted in the cataloging creating a database that could be fed into the universal translator. Also During this time he was rotated in and out of the relief communications role, providing additional support in the ships communication center as needed.

Seeking career advancement he put in for a transfer for a more permanent role in communications. This led to a posting on a Cardenes-Class, and going even further out into the unknown, two years mapping a charting a sector followed, allowing him to develop professionally and making a reputation for an effective troubleshooter and problem solver. When the ship left for its next assignment he was still among the crew, except he now qualified a bridge communications officer, as before the ships mission was sector mapping and despite the routine this mission entailed, it still provided him more opportunities for experience and advancement, after all being responsible for keeping a command crew properly informed was no small responsibility.

He aquited himself well enough to earn a promotion in both rank and position along with a transfer to an Magee-Class, the ship was assigned three successive mission to assist, scientific outposts with specific tasks. Unfortunately the third was cut short with the outbreak of hostilities. The ship supported the war effort in a scout role, until it was distorted six months into the conflict, most of the crew manged survive he was among them, and made it first to starbase 19 then on to starbase 3 where he was folded into the communications division. Assigned a role of the contact officer for a task force, a post he served put the remainder of the war. When the starbase reshuffled it’s staff, he was offered the the department head role, which he accepted and remained at for almost eighteen months. In truth a little reticent to head back out on a ship posting, after some pushing by the first officer, the he put in for a ship transfer, at the urging of said officer held out for a first officer position off his own.
Service Record
2246 Starfleet Academy
2250 USS Engle, Engle-class (Linguist, science division; relief communications officer, operations division)
2251 USS Indius, Cardenas-Class (relief communications officer, operations division; senior communications officer)
2255 USS Swift, Magee-Class chief communications officer/second officer; operations division)
2257 SB-3 (Task Force communications officer; Chief Communications Officer)
2259 Transfer approved.