Character Profile - Joshua A. Culver

Joshua A. Culver

Place of Origin: San Diego, Earth

Physical Description

Culver is a larger stature of a man his physical prowess has decayed of late with a slightly larger girth than in his youth. He sports a three day late shaven face. His expression is often serious and he had a deeper voice that takes a gruff tone easier than not. His uniform is regulation and his appearance proper. He is proper and friendly in his mannerisms as is the way of a Command Officer; he often kept his stature and projected the Commander vibe. Off duty is often seen in button up collared shirt sleeve style shirts, when in rare good mood wears what are called. ‘Loud Hawaiian’ style shirts. It is a bit of the lighter side of him.

Personality Profile

Culver was a genius in many ways tactically, but his ego could not support the intellect. He could see things others did not; often to the disbelief of his commanding Officers, and earned a reputation as a Great Tactician but crummy guy. “The Crammer’ is what stuck as he did make sure his point was bluntly expressed on record and off. A traumatic incident between operations caused him stress enough to shatter the once grand Tactician. He was not the same man of assured grace of his earlier career. Culver has been moody and Sullen in all eyes since the incident. He started drinking; never having an impaired duty but the problem took him off the advancement list. He sees his command as a blessing and curse, his drinking has not worsened but is often sullen and anti-social with one exception, women. Another ‘fallacy’ is his divorce; he does not talk of it much but it has an effect on him. “She is an actress…’ is all he will say, the suspicion is he blames infidelity on her. There was a public display of Culver’s temper not widely known; he punched a Director of some renown at the opening of a Movie starring his wife. It was soon after that he took deep space missions and the Drinking was noted. He is a good officer but unpredictable when under stress, while not enough of a handicap for retirement it is suggested he be monitored closely by the Ship’s Counselor.

Early years Biography

Born of a humble Mother and Head Master of a college Joshua was youngest son. He had the classical education and his mother found he had a good singing voice if he tried. His school days were nothing to really be significant until High school. He began to study and work his way towards acceptance in a Military and Tactics Program for College. During his Studies at The North American West Point Military Academy, it was noted he had a ‘flair’ for tactical analysis; he could see subtleties most missed, but to him they seemed obvious and he was blunt in his explanations. His instructor said he was bright and very confidant of self.


During the Fleet Academy he was a tactical Officer Trainee who came very close to beating the Kybiashi Maru test. He graduated at the top of his class and attended ‘Advanced Fleet Tactical Studies. USS Ticonderoga as a Tactical Officer. Culver being a bright young Officer on Gamma Shift; the word is that Culver was very astute at his Tactics. Near the Boarder of Cardassian Space; some ‘unknown type incursions thought to be Pirate activity on Civilian merchant traffic. The weapons used were non-descriptive but as Culver analyzed the pattern of the hits a certain pattern came to the forefront. The ‘Pirate’ was either mimicking or it was a Cardassian commanding that class of Vessel. The Questionable vessel attacked a convoy and the Ticonderoga came in time to intercept and damage the vessel. The work commended Culver a promotion and advancement to another Command. Culver worked his way to a Commander at age 31 and his ship was made the Flagship of Task Group 33. Admiral Yang was a talented Operations background and Star Base Operations before promotion to Admiral. Tactical Commands Yang depended upon Culver for much of his planning strategies; but during Combat, Yang became a dictator of sorts and command was law. Culver had a grand career ahead of him until his one failure; the heat of battle he was working as the Flagship while on the boarder of open space where Privateers were operating. The Admiral fell for a trap and Culver had followed orders and held his tongue as ordered by the Admiral. Two ships lost and the Flagship barely escaped with moderate damage. The investigation found the Admiral not advisable for Task Force Command; Culver’s voice on the records warning of the need for caution and Yang’s orders for Culver to remain quiet on the Bridge, is what saved Culver. He was recommended for promotion but had a minor breakdown at what he saw as a failure. Knocked down to Commander, Culver was given command of the USS Keplar was a very well maintained ship and being older did not spend as much time in Space Docks as normal ship of her age. The Keplar was assigned to the Inti Colony as the Colony is on the boarders of known space. Where the ship was taken prisoner and after the two months of encampment where he was senior officer of a camp of two ship complements he came back to command after rescue and did not take up the bottle. A woman diver; who was assigned to Keplar for the mission where capture, looked after him and eventually they became close. She was said by counselors to have aided in his recovery. When the chance to have Command of the USS Archimedes came Culver took it; despite having to leave Fathom Fellini behind he has yet to show alcohol in his testing nor exhibited any of his old desires to drink while maintaining consistent Counseling on his track to remain totally sober.