Character Profile - Gabriel Reyes

Gabriel Reyes

Place of Origin: Sanfrancisco, Earth

Physical Description

In most ways Gabe is unremarkable to look at. He has an average height and a slight athletic figure which has softened during his time away from StarFleet. His eyes are typically Betazoid and are a dark brown. During most of his career he has been clean shaven, but he now keeps a full beard which is short and neatly trimmed. On top of his head is a neat crop of short dark hair which is slightly greying. When in uniform his appearance is always pristine and disciplined, down to the millimetre precise placement of his comm badge. Off duty he wears relaxed but plain and simple clothes preferring plaid shirts and jeans over the newer fashions of the 24th century.

Personality Profile

Unlike most Betazoids Gabe appears to be a calm and stoic person, however he does value friendships and is a compassionate person. He is known to have a quick wit and a dry sense of humour. Usually a quiet unassuming person Gabe blends well into the background. Analytically minded Gabe is never one to leap into action and has a sound mind for tactical planning. Whilst Gabe is very subdued. He is capable of expressing himself usually in small bursts but only when he lets his guard down. He is also known to revert back to speaking in Spanish when agitated.

Early years Biography

Full history and bio can be found on this google doc link:


2359 – 2363: StarFleet Academy – Cadet 2363 – 2368: USS Raleigh, Science Officer – Ensign to Lieutenant JG 2368 – 2372: USS Magellan, Chief Science Officer – Lieutenant JG to Lieutenant 2372 – 2373: USS Saturn, Chief Science Officer and Second Officer – Lieutenant 2373 – 2375: USS Saturn, Chief Tactical Officer and Second Officer – Lieutenant 2375 – 2383: USS Horizon, First Officer – Lieutenant Commander 2383 – 2390: USS Europa, Commanding Officer – Commander 2390 – 2396 –Retired on Active reserve– 2396: USS Tesla, Commanding Officer