Character Profile - Tevek


Place of Origin: Earth

Physical Description

In most ways Tevek is unremarkable to look at. He has an average height, a slight athletic figure and is unimposing. His features are typically vulcan, from his olive toned skin to the pointy ears and functional bobbed hair cut. The only feature that is really out of the ordinary are his emerald green eyes he inherited from his human mother. During most of his career he has been clean shaven, but lately he has taken to wearing a neatly trimmed beard. As Tevek is capable of expressing emotion he effortlessly passes for Romulan although people that know him well describe many of his facial expressions as ‘rehearsed’ or ‘well practiced’. When in uniform his appearance is always pristine and disciplined, down to the millimetre precise placement of his comm badge. Off duty he wears relaxed but plain and simple clothes preferring them to the traditional Vulcan robes.

Personality Profile

Like most Vulcans Tevek appears to be a calm and stoic person. His human side however softens him more than a little. He values friendships and is a compassionate person known to posses quick wit and a dry sense of humour.

He is usually a quiet and unassuming person. He blends well into the background making him adept at intelligence gathering. Analytically minded Tevek is never one to leap into action and has a sound mind for strategic planning.

Being only part Vukcan Tevek does not keep his emotions as suppressed as a full Vulcan. He is capable of expressing a smile, frown even small bursts of sadness and anger but only when provoked. He has also practiced mimicking facial expressions.

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