Character Profile - Daniel Lawless

Daniel Lawless

Place of Origin: Born April 18th 2364 – USS Tyson

Physical Description

Danny’s Stature cannot be missed in a crowd. Mainly because others purposefully get out of the way to avoid being run over and trampled by his physique.

Danny is well built and takes good care of his body and grooming. Spending much of his free time in the gym when his schedule permits.

The makeup and proportions of his limbs and the sheer mass contained within his upper body would give anyone complete confidence if he was to pick up a heavy object and hold it over their face. Whatever is contained within his grasp, isn’t breaking free until he wants it to.

In addition to his physical stature, Danny is exceptionally well-groomed, with short to medium-short hair and a well-trimmed designer stubble beard to complete the look

Personality Profile

“When Danny walks into a room….things get interesting one way or another”

Danny is calm and calculated at all times and he knows how to command the attention of others.

Often Danny will enter a room in one of three ways.

One – He can enter a room calmly and concern himself with a mediocre task like pouring himself a drink before engaging anyone in conversation even if they approach him first. He finds that this automatically establishes his authority in a conversation because it will only proceed once he is prepared to engage.

Two – He might enter a room with unwavering purpose and then go directly to that goal, the so-called ‘Man on a Mission’ approach this gives him the tactical advantage of being able to lead and control the pace and tamper of the discussion from the offset.

Three – ‘The showdown approach’ He enters a room subtly, making sure to make purposeful eye contact with his quarry. Then he will wait, starring until the other person reacts first, either they will leave the room to avoid confrontation, or they will challenge Danny by approaching him first. Danny prefers the second option.

This being said Danny is by no means controlling and usually, he will behave like any other normal person. But in certain situations, he is fully aware of his abilities in regards to this trait, and when to use it to give him the greatest advantage.

Experience has taught Danny never to rush into something without fully considering all his available options.

In addition to this, Danny is an extremely Loyal friend and those within his inner friendship circle enjoy the confidence that Danny would go above and beyond for them. But he does not suffer fools nor does he tolerate betrayal.

Early years Biography

Danny was born 18th April 2364 aboard the USS Tyson to then Marine captain Thomas Lawless and Dr. Grace Winter M.D.

Both his parents were stationed board the ship when their romance began and they were married within a year of Danny’s birth.

He is the eldest of three siblings – His brother Zach was sadly killed in action in 2392 while on operation for the marine corps. Danny was present at the incident though much of the details are classified as secret by the Federation due to political intentions at the time.

Danny’s younger sister Emily followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a civilian doctor. She decided not to join Starfleet and practices medicine in private practice with her husband Dr. Alex Walker, who was an attending at her first hospital

When Danny was three and his mother was pregnant with Zach, his father retired from operational duty in the Marine Corps and took up an instructor position at the academy that was more compatible with family life. He retired from the service in 2392 with the rank of Colonel shortly after the death of his son Zach.

Zach and Danny both joined the Federation Marine corps together against their father’s initial wishes when Zach came of age and they were assigned to the same unit. When Zach was K.I.A, Danny took a leave of absence for a year to deal with the terms of his brother’s death. He then put in for a side step transfer to Starfleet Security and Tactical Corps


2364 – Birth registered with Starfleet Medical
2385 – Enrolled Federation Marine Corps – Officer Program
2386 – Graduated 2nd Lieutenant rank
2386 – Assigned USS Grissom 252 Troop
2387 – Promotion Application Received
2387 – Examination score: 82% Result: PASS
2388 – Promotion confirmed in Rank; 1st Lieutenant
2391 – Temporary Field Promotion; Marine Captain
2392 – Extended Leave of absence request approved
2393 – Transfer request Approved Starfleet Security/ Tactical Corps
2395 – Graduation Starfleet Security/Tactical Corps – Rank: Lt (JG)
2395 – Assignment USS Trafalgar – Security officer
2396 – Application Transfer – USS Majestic- Approved
2396 – Assignment USS Majestic Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer