Character Profile - Kara Li

Kara Li

Place of Origin: Betazed

Physical Description

Kara is of average height and has a slender body. She has what many would call a good figure, which she shrouds with a medical coat. Otherwise, she tends to wear decorated, fitted t-shirts and pants. Her hair is kept in a short pixie manner, and her eyes are large giving her a delicate look

Personality Profile

Kara is an extremely fit person, who takes very good care of herself. Compared to most humans, she is small for her height but she does not let that stop her. She tends to keep her hair mid shoulder in length and free. She cannot stand her hair being up in a bun, or too formal. Other distinguishing characteristics include a small band of Celtic knot work tattooed in black ink around left ankle with triple moon symbol and she is ambidextrous

Kara’s key strength is the fact that she is very good at interpersonal relationships, she can see through people and get to the root of their problems. Her weakness is also related to her strength in that if she allows herself, she has been known to get too emotional invested in her patients. She has learned over the years to keep a professional distance.

Kara lives by her favorite motto, “Seize the Day.” While she would love to have a clear career plan, she also sees it as a limitation. Preferring to just see what happens in life, Kara is certainly what main would consider a

Kara enjoys reading old earth classical novels. She is also a very social person, who enjoys getting out and being a part of things. Recently Kara has taken an interest in cooking. While still a novice, her skills are improving daily.

Early years Biography

As with most Star Fleet Officers, Li twins were born into a life already heavily influence by the Federation. Their father Li Jalon served as the Federation Ambassador to Betazed and it was here that their parents meet, married, and eventually started their family. Their childhood was rather simple, with their father a very traditional human who did not believe in given them too much. He preferred to see them work for their goals and accomplish things on their own. While the twins know their father loves them, they also will admit that he rarely gave displays of emotions. He was a very closed, and private man, mainly due to the outside influences on her life.

On the twins 10th birthday their father was called to the USS Horizon, given the choice the twins opted to stay on Betazed with their mother. Neither knowing this would be the last time they would see their father alive. Having been called to the Cardassian sector the Horizon was attacked by an unknown enemy ship, all hands lost during the battle. Neither twin will truly talk about this period of their live, instead that tend to avoid it.

As adventurous children with an inquisitive mind, the Li twins accompanied their mother on many of her jobs, while working on Betazed. As the twins grew older, their individual tastes grew with them. Kaia, being the more rigid twin, tended to pay closer attention to those in uniform, namely her mother’s Security Details. Kara on the other hand took a keen interest in her mother’s work. Kara and her mother spent many a day discussing the day’s discoveries in depth over their evening meal. With Kara clearly heading in the direction of Counseling, just as her mother, Kaia surprised the entire family when she announced on their 16th birthday she was going to enlist in the Federation Marine Corps.

By the time the twins were finished with Secondary schooling, they each knew where their course in life would lead. Life at the Academy was very exciting for the young and eager Cadet. Kara excelled at her social life, making friends, and showing great potential. While her scattered brained, free spirited occasionally got her in trouble she was able to finish her academy years without much trouble. After graduation, Kara was transferred as an Ensign, to the USS Encounter, were she served as a Counselor. Kara’s life on the Encounter was rather boring, for the free spirited individual. She wanted more for her career, something front lines and active. Kara soon transferred as the Assistant Chief Counselor to the USS Lighthouse, where she served for 3 years. Earning a promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, the Lighthouse offered a new challenge for the young Officer. The Lighthouse was a battleship, where Kara soon found herself in the heat of many conflicts on the frontier of Diplomatic missions and first contacts. From the Lighthouse, Kara was transferred to the Pioneer along with her twin sister Kaia.

Medical Notes: Their Betazed DNA has only served to enhance the bond normally associated with twins, giving them an almost telepathic link to each other. The Li twins are known to finish each other’s sentences, and thoughts when they are around each other. They can often be seen communication without words as well, a typical practice in Betazed families. While most Betazed hybrids are empathic, the Li twins have not developed this talent, as well as they could. Both twins have the ability to sense feelings and emotions, however they must be in fairly close contact with their subject to pick up on anything.

• Kara appears to have an allergy to strawberries that causes minor skin irritation and sneezing.
• She responds well to traditional allergy remedies.
• In addition to strawberries, Kara appears to be allergic to roses. They cause contact irritation.
• Kara’s list of allergies also appears to include pet dander. This allergy causes irritation to both her sinus and ocular membranes.
• Kara’s list of allergies has expanded to include a skin contact allergy to geraniums. They cause her severe rash symptoms.
• Kara can also add gagh to her growing list of allergies inducing items. This allergy seems to be her most severe, eating gagh has causes complete anaphylaxis. Kara has been advised to stay clear of all forms of Klingon Food in the future.


-Graduated from Star Fleet Academy
-Assigned USS Encounter, Assistant Counselor
-Assigned USS Lighthouse, Chief Counselor
-Promoted to Lieutenant JG
-Assigned USS Pioneer, Chief Counselor