Character Profile - Adisen Terim

Adisen Terim

Place of Origin: Trill

Physical Description

At 5’6″ and a slim 125lbs, Adisen Terim has a well defined, lithe build that strikes a rather imposing figure when dealing with others. Adisen has a strong square jawline with smooth pale skin to contrast her dark Trill spots stereotypical of her race, thanks to far to much time spent hiding away in various science labs throughout her career. Despite her more science-based upbringing, Adisen has always worked to keep herself in shape, which matched with a faster then average metabolism allows her to keep as lithe as she is. Along the traits shared with other Trill, Adisen physically is cold to the touch due to her lower body core temperature which cause’s her extremities to be colder as well. Framing her features, Adisen has long dark hair that she keeps loose and free, pulling it up into a ponytail from time to time when she needs it out of the way and distraction-free. It reaches down to her mid-back falling in loose waves and though she wouldn’t admit it, the small vain part of her has more recently come to dying parts of her hair as the grey begins to creep into her hairline. Adisen keeps her uniform simple and clean. She prefers to keep her jacket open revealing the uniform vest underneath, the extra pockets are something that she makes use of stashing various PADDs and other knick-knacks that keep her hands busy.

Personality Profile

A scientific mind, Adisen has a deep love for exploring the stars. Friendly, inquisitive, and a little adventurous, Adisen is always up for a challenge. Before being joined, Adisen was more reserved, always reading and squirreling herself away in some random corner here or there to study the latest in science. Since being joined, Adisen is much more outgoing and has an expanded range of interests.

Early years Biography

Childhood Born in late 2326 on Trill in the province of Josan, a small island province in the sea of Keloas, Adisen was the first and only child of Norath and Ellania Maxtom. Norath was a scientist studying astronomy and Ellania, an artist. From a young age, Adisen always had her curious, artistic side encouraged by her parents. She too developed a love for the stars like her father, the beauty of the nights sky inspired by her mother. Growing up, Adisen spent more time in school, extracurriculars and many sleepless nights working towards her goal, even from a young age she knew she wanted to be a scientist like her father, someone who studied the stars. As a consequence to this, Adisen had few friends growing up despite her natural outgoing and talkative self. Spending so much time cooped up in various astronomy labs in school, as much time as she could with her dad at his work and then the more artistic endeavors her mother encouraged, she just never felt like she had the time to properly make friends. By the time she hit high school, Adisen had shown herself to be a natural in the sciences and a decent painter as well. Thanks to her skills, Adisen managed to make it into a specialty high school that encouraged bright young scientific minds in their field with the hopes of furthering their talent and creating the next generation of the best scientists Trill had to offer. With a heavy focus on the sciences, Adisen’s abilities expanded past just the Astrometrics and into the more general sciences, rounding out her skillset. Despite her skills, she wasn’t entirely sure what to do with them, where she could use her skills to the fullest and her own specialization in Astronomy was almost underutilized in Trill society. It was her father that would eventually suggest Starfleet to Adisen.


In 2344, Adisen’s strong showing in the sciences helped her gain entry into Starfleet Academy. At the ripe old age of 18, the young Trill found herself leaving her homeworld for the first time and was a little overwhelmed when she reached San Fransisco. Thrust out of her comfort zone and with no friends to speak of in the new foreign place, what Adisen did find was like-minded people. Those who wanted to explore the stars and discover the mystery behind much of what the galaxy had to offer. This mutual goal of exploring the stars and learning their secrets, the other cadets’ own drive to succeed and her outgoing talkative self lead her to many friendships and acquaintances that would stick with her through her service in the fleet. Despite this, her natural inclination to focus almost to the point of detriment on a task kept that friend circle small to those who could understand the bable of science talk she’d spout out when excited.

Adisen herself choose to focus on the sciences path through the Academy, it got her in, it was her passion, so why not? While she got decent marks in engineering and barely passing grades in the tactical and security tracks, the Trill excelled in sciences. By the time of her graduation, she had passed through the academy with mostly top marks, though a rather unexciting four years of schooling.


After her graduation in 2348 Adisen was posted to the USS Hood, by this time a Constitution Refit-Class. A lowly Ensign assigned as an astrometric officer, aboard the aging starship, Adisen’s first mission into the stars was the exploration of a dying star system at the edge of the southern boundary of the Federation. As an astrometric officer, this mission was fascinating to the young Trill officer and a dream come true. Here she was finally out there exploring the stars as she had dreamed out from a young age. Her more artistic side which had been dormant throughout her tenure at the academy began to flourish once again as she once more had the free time to indulge in the hobby; and what better visual to inspire then that of a dying star? Within the first year of her time on the Hood, Adisen made a name for herself as a dedicated, bright young scientist with the drive to move forward. She was always working to further her own knowledge and be a better officer. As she got older too, she began to consider something that her grandmother had once mentioned in passing, something her species was known for, the Joining with a Symbiote. It had always been something at the back of her mind, something to consider, the life experiences of several older hosts adding to her own. Admittedly, as she considered it, it was for her won selfish reasons, the need to learn more had become almost all-encompassing to her, the need for knowledge drove her forwards.

Finally, in 2350, Adisen took the leap and sent the Symbiosis Commission an application for joining. She figured she had good chances. Her family was in good standing in Trill society, she was a promising young officer within Starfleet that could add a wealth of experience to any symbiote she may be joined with and her own innate seriousness would push her forward no matter what. Her initial application was approved and she moved onto the next stage, an in-person meeting with several of the commission’s members. While they were impressed, one member had some reservations about Adisen’s social life as everything was considered by the commission. While they acknowledged she was outgoing and could talk to many, her a rather small circle of friends thanks to her weakness of a one-track mind at times caused them some concern. Adisen vowed to prove them wrong and make herself a better candidate after that meeting and for once in her life, began to listen rather than talk. Late in the year, Adisen met Derek Jackson, a engineering officer aboard the Hood. Derek was patient with her, slowed her excited talking down to a more reasonable pace and most of all could talk almost as much as she could. Over the next couple of years, Adisen’s relationship with Derek grew and her own social circle grew with it as she pushed herself to be better.

In 2353 by now in the latter half of her 20’s, Adisen hit a milestone she once envisioned reaching much later in life. Derek asked her to marry him. It was a short engagement, neither really wanting to waste time on the theatrics of a big wedding, all these people in a special place. 3 months after their engagement, the pair got married in a small ceremony aboard the Hood officiated by the Captain. It was during their honeymoon that Adisen got the news she had hoped she one day might get. She was under consideration for a symbiote. With this news, the commission requested her attendance back on Trill and several months for the final testing before the final decision. With Derek at her side, Adisen took a leave of absence and returned to Trill.

Leave of Absence

For several months after her return to Trill, Adisen spent most of her time at the Symbiot Commission compound in the Captial city. Her off time spent back at home in Josan where her new husband and her parents were getting to know one another as Derek worked at the Starfleet compound on the Moon of Trill. The tests were difficult, physical and mental both to prepare her for the joining to see if she really could be joined as it had been known for so long that only few in their society could truly be joined. In the latter end of 2353, Adisen was sent back to Earth where her assigned Field Docent lived as part of a medical non-governmental agency. Laarisa Heorka, a vaunted doctor within the Federation served as her tester, checking Adisen’s suitability for joining. Over the several week period that Heorka tested Adisen, Adisen found herself being challenged in new and interesting ways. She had never before considered her one single-mindedness and deadset fascination with the sciences could limit her, but as she learned from her tester, she began to see that she was limiting herself. She began to see that she wanted more from her life than to simply ride along and see the stars. Adisen felt that she lacked the ambition to move forward in the fleet and it was something Heorka herself pointed out to Adisen. At the time not really having a good answer for the woman, Adisen simply remained silent. In the end, Laarisa gave Adisen a positive review and she returned to Trill.


Finally, months after beginning and gaining her positive review from her field testing, in 2354 Adisen was selected. Dazlen Terim was dying, soon to leave the world behind and the symbiote within him and chosen her as the one that would take his place. It was an honor to be chosen by the symbiote and soon she began preparing. It took a few weeks, but when the time came Adisen felt no apprehension, only excitement. Excitment for the future, for what was to come, she was about to gain something that despite only recently having decided on, had felt like she had wanted her whole life. In mid 2354, the fateful day came and the ceremony took place. Adisen Maxtom was no more, and Adisen Terim was born.

It took several more weeks for her experiences and thoughts to stabilize as Adisen determined what was hers and what was Terims. Which technically it was all hers as she was now Terim something that she would have to get used to. Over those weeks though, the experiences and personalities of Terim began to change Adisen, her personality along with it. She was no longer as talkative, she considered the bigger picture not just the one thing she needed to focus on. Most of all she seemed to have a new appreciation for multiple fields of study not just the sciences. She now seemed to know various forms of Andorian Martial arts as well as the Andorian Language and Betazed language and an inexplicable interest in classical Earth music and a sport called Hockey. Adisen was calmer as well, her excited nature from before being tempered by Terim. Finally, after she felt she was adjusted, or adjusted enough, Adisen returned to Starfleet.

Return to the Fleet

Assigned to the USS Metis, an Excelsior Class starship, Adisen took on the role of the Chief Science Officer, skipping the role of Assistant all together, as Derek took on his own role aboard the ship. The new Adisen was a star, she dabbled in a little bit of everything and always had an opinion for whatever was being discussed. This new Adisen was much more opinionated and confrontational when needed, she would stand up for a fight if she needed to. This new version Adisen was difficult for Derek to accept as he had fallen in love with the old Adisen. Combined with the several months of her focus on trying to be joined in which they had had little time to themselves, their marriage was in a rocky place.

They put in an honest effort to make it work, they really did, but in 2357 after two years of broken promises and conflict over their own shortcomings in their marriage, Adisen and Derek called it quits and divorced. Derek transferred off of the Metis and a little bit of Adisen’s old self began to peak in. Despite how their relationship had devolved and how they had grown distant, Adisen had truly loved Derek and when they had parted Adisen’s own idiosyncracies overpowered some of the ones from Terim and she hit that one-track mind again. This time, however, the ambition of Terim helped her set her sights on a bigger target, one that was much higher, that of a Captain. Adisen wanted to command a starship and set out into the stars she had once loved rather than following wherever the captains of whatever ship she served on lead. She brought up these new goals and ambitions to the Captain of the Metis and he gladly obliged, putting her into the role of Second Executive Officer and putting her in the command training program aboard ship. With the experiences brought to her by her former lives and her own natural drive to succeed, Adisen excelled in the program. She spent time in the various other departments learning the ins and outs of Medical, Engineering, Operations, and more. While she struggled in the more physical Security and Tactical areas, she was no slouch like she had once been thanks to her new obsession with Andorian martial arts.

In 2361, Adisen got a promotion and transferred to the USS Cargill, a Nebula Class Starship, as her Executive Officer. Serving under Captain Orlin Wright, Adisen’s uniform changed from Blue to Red and her responsibilities along with it. It was an interesting experience, no longer just required to do Science roles, she was now required to take on a much broader role of managing people and supplies. She also had to deal with disciplinary matters and the occasional bout of command here and there. It was a foreign land for the young Commander, and a large ship for someone of her age and status to be in such a role. She felt that her being put in that role though showed a certain faith in her abilities from Captain Wright and that of Starfleet. As such, Adisen did her best to honour that trust and faith in her abilities. She would serve in the role of Executive Officer for almost 5 years before she was offered an opportunity that was impossible to pass up.

In 2366, Adisen was offered the role of Commanding officer for the USS Castille, an aging, recently refit, Miranda Class. Admittedly much smaller then the Cargill on which she had served as the Executive Officer before, it was a step in the right direction. Here Adisen developed and evolved her own command style, inspired by Captain Wrights. Calm, approachable, open to ideas and one to always chase after that latest scientific encounter, the Castille spent much of her 5 years under Adisen’s command exploring spacial phenomenon discovered and reported back to Starfleet by the larger explorers heading into deep space. Rarely if ever did her little ship encounter a more hostile situation that tested her abilities to fight. Despite that, Adisen’s small little ship made a name for itself as they powered their way through the quadrant.

Something unexpected happened to Adisen in 2371, with the upcoming launch of a new line of Explorers designed to bring a new age of pushing the boundaries of science and exploration, Adisen was approached by Starfleet Command with a proposition. Command the first of the series, the USS Sovereign. She would be required to return to Earth, oversee the last few months of refit and help to identify some issues in the regenerative shielding system and once she was ready, take her deep into space and explore the unknown. She leaped at the opportunity and transferred back to Earth leaving her little Miranda class behind. With several months to go before her launch and a lot of time on Earth, she did something unexpected as well, adopted a dog.

Several months later, some house training for Freya the German Sheppard she had adopted and lots of work with the Starfleet Engineering Corps, the design flaws in the Sovereign’s shielding system were nailed down and fixed. Along with several other refits to update the experimental tech to their stabilized full production version. Another focus of Adisen was going through the piles of officers and enlisted members of Starfleet that were up for transfer or on the list for promotion to a new ship. Now, only weeks away from the launch of the Sovereign, Adisen is working hard to make sure she has the best crew she can gather to man her new ship.

Former Hosts of Terim

Delos Terim
The first host of the Terim symbiote, Delos much like Adisen was a scientist. Worked at the University of Kastan on Trill. Died of old age.

Elisa Terim
Second host of the Terim symbiote, Elisa was an engineer. Worked for the Unified Trill Space program in ship design. Died of old age.

Regolt Terim
Thrid host of the Terim symbiote, Regolt was the only militaristic host of Terim. Regolt was part of the Trill Defence Force and spent time in an officer exchange on Andoria. Died of old age.

Harrist Terim
Fourth host of the Terim symbiote, Harrist was a doctor. Spent time on Earth in the Interspecies Medical Program. Died to a frontier virus at the age of 65.

Nellis Terim
Fifth host of the Terim symbiote, Nellis was an artist. Spent time traveling the galaxy before settling on Earth. Died of old age.