Character Profile - Korian


Place of Origin: Krios (Kriosian)

Physical Description

Captain Korian is of medium height and build but evidently fit. He has long black hair which he keeps tied back with a black ribbon and a grizzled beard. He cuts a distinctive figure due to a smart combination of standard issue, and grandfather clause wear and equipment. Infected with a rare condition during a 2296 mission to Noctis III. Cure for the condition readily available but had never been tested for Kriosian physiology. Change to skin pigmentation to a pale but barely perceptible shade of blue permanent, otherwise back to normal. Latest model ocular implants in both eyes. Requested color to be red. Complete loss of eyesight during an attempt to defuse a Cardassian bomb in 2345.

Personality Profile

While he is in no way unmovable, Korian has lost of the youthful optimism that characterized him as a young man. He is a fighter. A battle-hardened veteran of far too many conflicts to have come out completely unscathed. After over a hundred years of service, most of them in contested areas and war zones, Starfleet has come to rely on Korian’s steely countenance in many situations over the years that might have had others reconsider their career paths. Experience has made him a calculating pragmatist who prizes highly rational, critical thinking. While he is not considered the most congenial of Starfleet’s commanding officers, he earns the loyalty of his crew through respect, integrity, fairness and an unwavering attitude towards the value of the lives of his crew.

Early years Biography

Korian was born on Krios to parents part of the lower bourgoisie. He received an outstanding education in Kriosoan and Federation cultures, and was promised to a successful career as an official in the Imperial Security Bureau. His parents saw to it that he could apply to the most prestigious universities on Krios and in Federation space. He indeed graduated from the prestigious Capital University on his own home world, but being a bureaucrat was not something he wanted for himself. Unbeknownst to his parents, he applied with Starfleet Academy’s Andoria campus and was accepted. Since he had already completed his vocational training, all he had to do was the standard officer’s training program, which he completed within a year. Krios graduated from from the academy and received his commission 2269. He was assigned to the Cardenas-class USS Vostok.


2269-2274 – USS Vostok: Ensign – Security department 2274-2279 – USS Vulcan: J.g. – Security Intelligence 2279 2287 – USS Vesuvius: Lt. – Strategic Operations 2287-2299 – USS Victor: Lt.Cdr – Chief of security 2299-2315 – USS Valery: Cdr – Executive officer 2315-2335 – Classified. Requires OF5 clearance. 2335-2341 – USS Victor-A: Cdr. Executive officer 2341-2345 – USS Victor-A: Cdr. Commanding officer 2345-2399 – USS Victor-A: Captain – Commanding officer