Character Profile - Seh'tan


Place of Origin: Noctus III (Noctan – Vulcan offshoot)

Physical Description

-to be filled in-

Personality Profile

A clever man with a passion for intrigue, Seh’tan is quite the smooth operator. He does take ‘operator’ to the next level when the situation gets tough and incisive remarks simply won’t cut it. He has a big knife for that.

He’s no Ferengi, but he is the embodiment of the 48th rule of acquisition.

Early years Biography

Seh’tan was born on Noctus III to a club bouncer and a ‘performance artist’. Somehow, he managed to have a decent childhood. He was a good student and athlete, and even managed score a sports schcolarship playing ice hockey with the Noctus III campus of the University of Andoria, where he enrolled in corporate and private security programs which best suited his abilities.

After graduating, he scored major security contracts operating in corporate counter-espionage. Lured by the profit and high stakes living, he was eventually poached other corporations, cartels and pricate interests and parties to do just the opposite. Finding his calling in mercenary work, he began to offer his services off-world, fighting in uprisings, rebellions, civil wars, proxy wars… dirty conflicts Starfleet and the Federation wanted no part of. For a time, he was a part of a group called Korian’s raiders, of which he still proudly wears the patch on his jacket. He even offered his expertise to the Maquis for a time. His connections to the Ferengi cartels and the Orion Syndicate are well known… but undocumented.


Some wartime service.