Character Profile - Sol Dexx

Sol Dexx

Place of Origin: Bolarus IX

Physical Description

Like most of his species Sol is characterised by his blue skin, bald head and the bisected ridge running the length of his skull.

Sol Dexx is taller than your average Bolian at around 1.83m. He has an average build with the torso muscle definition appearing due to his daily exercise routine. As a Bolian he shaves his head daily by way of cultural tradition, his eyes are a green/yellow hue in colour, and he has no distinguishing marks, scars, or tattoos.

Personality Profile

Sol is an intelligent, dedicated, well-mannered and meticulous typical Bolian. In or out of uniform he is a chronic “workaholic” performing his duties with precision and efficiency. He is only truly happy when doing something productive and useful. He has a strong sense of loyalty to his family, friends, and crew as he has an innate affinity for cooperation and group dynamics. If the group succeeds Sol will succeed.

Like most members of his species Sol is characterised by his meticulousness. He pays a great deal of attention to the detail and efficiency of the task and enjoys creating order out of chaos. He is methodical and organized and considers the completion of his duties as a matter of honour.

He has a disdain for idiocy and this disdain has left others to deem him as ‘cold’ or ‘unapproachable’. He sees no shame in failing at a task; however, he believes that nothing in the universe is simple and that he can always learn from his mistakes and try again. A trait he attempts to instil in younger crew members.
He values knowledge and enjoys exchanging information, sometimes too much for other species’ comfort. He is full of advice even if it is not wanted and if someone ignores or dismisses his advice, that only makes him work harder at learning as much as possible about the subject so that the next time his suggestions might be accepted.

He is however a constant worrier, fearing that his work is not perfect or that he has somehow offended his associates or caused upset. Sol does however conceal his emotions under a hard-working exterior, often believing that if he shows his true emotions others will reject him. As a result, it is often difficult for Sol to form close or lasting relationships with other species.

Early years Biography

Sol was born in Autumn of 2355 in Bolrabi, one of three capital cities on the planet Bolarus IX. Sophisticated and multicultural, Sol’s childhood home conveyed function and utility. With the city being built across several small islands on the Rabor Archipelago, with significant portions resting underwater on the reef that surrounds the island chain, the Dexx family home rested within a commune of Sol’s wider family with parts under the surface of the ocean. It was an idyllic setting to grow up in.

Sol is the middle of three children born to his parents, Tan and Rana Dexx. His father, Tan, a Starfleet Engineer assigned to the Starfleet Embassy on Bolarus IX and his Mother, Rana, a civilian hydroponics expert at the Bolian Institute for Aquaculture. Sol’s, his younger brother Sen’s, and older sister Salla’s childhoods were certainly not stellar by any means, the children of a serving Starfleet officer and active scientist often meant that Sol and his siblings had to ‘entertain’ themselves.

At the age of 17, with support from his sister Salla who had already enrolled at Starfleet Academy, he undertook the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Programme. This six-week course instilled a strong sense of duty and commitment to the ideals of Starfleet and the Federation and by the age of 18 he relocated to Earth to begin his Starfleet Career.


2372 – 2373: Starfleet Academy Preparatory Programme – Bolarus IX
2373 – 2377: Starfleet Academy – San Francisco, Earth
2377 – 2381: Assigned: USS Lyell (Oberth Class) – Position: Science Officer – Rank: ENS
2381 – 2386: Assigned: USS Buckland (Nova Class) – Position: Science Officer (Archaeology/Palaeontology & Exobiology). – Rank: LT(JG)
2386 – 2389: Assigned: USS Ostrom (Intrepid Class) – Position: Science Officer (Planetary Sciences) Promotion to Bridge Officer – Rank: LT(JG)
2389 – 2396: Assigned: USS Mary Anning (New Orleans Class) – Position: Second Officer and Asst. Chief Science Officer – Rank: LT – Command Bridge Officers Test passed: Merit
2396 – PRES: Assigned: USS Tesla (Merian Class) – Position: First Officer – Rank: LT. CMDR