Character Profile - Kayim Falor

Kayim Falor

Place of Origin: Bajor

Physical Description
Personality Profile

Falor is a first class Asshole, it’s as simple as that. He’s a master at keeping people at bay by just venting his frustrations on whoever comes close enough. People he does know will have to earn his true respect and friendship. This is even harder then it seems as his standards are quite high. He can get quite emotional over small things, even more so over big things. Has a short fuse and temperament when it comes to his work, everything he does will be because he finally _Can_ do things. He also dislikes Arrogant people, but especially when they are young Bajorans, as he had fought for their freedom while Bajor was still occupied by the Cardies. Any Cardassian has zero chance to even getting near enough to him to start a conversation and change his mind about them.

His biggest strength is that, although he acts like he doesn’t care, he works on things with a dedication unseen in most Starfleet Officers. He is also very good at thinking outside of the box, although this usually becomes apparent in a not so subtle way.

Countering that strength is the glaring weakness of tearing people apart that come too near to him to even consider appreciating his efforts. Also his blind ambition to revive Mirabelle Shepard into a Hologram does not allow him to let go of his lost love.

Early years Biography

Growing up in the Bajoran resistance little is known about his youth, although one would think that the fact his parents killed Cardies for breakfast has its impact on one’s growing up. Falor was forced to grow up quickly, he got handed a phaser rifle as soon as the age of eight, he never actually fired it on a living being until he was thirteen but at the age of eight he was fully trained and capable with a phaser pistol and rifle.

It was not until the age of thirteen that he was actually really involved in one of the resistance’s actions. The base camp of their cell had been uncovered and the Cardassian military assaulted the cave complex. His father, on guard duty at the moment, was the first to fall in the bloody struggle that lasted the best part of three days. In the end only a small group could escape by blowing up half the cavern and fleeing in the following chaos and dust clouds.

In the fight Falor lost both his parents. In the following years he was raised until the age of eighteen by the surviving members of the Resistance cell. It is unknown in how many operations Falor was involved or how many Cardassians he had killed, but according to him he never killed nearly enough.

After the liberation of Bajor in 2359 and the absence of Cardassian troops Falor could focus on the things he had always found important to himself. He liked fiddling with various electronic devices, so you would think he took an education in Engineering or Operations but it wasn’t so. Science appealed to him much more then anything else. After a short ‘crash course’ in Science on Bajor he decided to set out into the universe, as Bajor was not the leading entity when it came to Sciences.

After visiting Deep Space Nine and a rather lengthy talk with Jadzia Dax, who probably just remembers him as an annoying Bajoran, he made up his mind. If you want to be on the frontier of science you have to be in Starfleet. But before he could be accepted into Starfleet he knew he needed a better resume then ‘resistance fighter, two years education in science’. So he went back to the surface of Bajor and indulged himself in several projects over the years, finding himself to be ‘above average’ in the Holographic field.

With another three years of experience under his belt he applied for Starfleet Academy in the year 2362. He was accepted on his first try, because of his excellent references, not to mention the good word his former leader had put in with the Admiralty (as he was now a political leader of Bajor).

It took him the standard 4 years to complete Starfleet Academy with a specialization in the Science department and a minor in Diplomacy. He wanted to get away from his war scarred life and join a more peaceful part of the Federation. This is why he didn’t take any courses in tactical or security.

He was now 28 and had a commission in Starfleet, a Science Officer, Ensign Kayim. It was on his first post where he met the girl of his life, Mirabelle Shepard, a medical officer on the USS Venice. It was a Nova-Class starship mostly used for scientific missions, after the Dominion war and Starfleet’s switch around to more war based vessels rather then scientific ones he didn’t have much choice.

On Mirabelle’s 25th birthday Falor asked her to marry him, they had been in a relationship for almost 2 years then and Falor felt that she was the women of his life. But the Prophets had chosen another path for him, a day before the wedding ceremony (later that year) the Nova class got stuck in a gravitational distortion of an unstable Star. The phenomenon almost tore the vessel apart, in this carnage Mirabelle was called to Engineering for a medical Emergency, as the Chief was already sent out to the bridge (she was now Assistant Chief Medical).

Under the enormous gravitational shifts the turbolift she was in broke down and plummeted down to the lowest deck. Her body was never found as the warpcore had reached critical levels and all that were still alive got into the lifepods and ran for their lives. Falor thought Mirabelle was in one of the lifepods but when they were picked up by the USS Pegasus, a Centaur Class ship, it looked like he was wrong. Mirabelle never arrived on the Pegasus.

Broken and in deep depression Falor requested a transfer to Earth. Seeing what happened on the Venice the Admiralty could not deny this request. After he arrived on earth he got recruited into a project involving Emergency holograms for several key positions on a starship. While working on this project Falor got an idea to bring Mirabelle back and honouring her life. He started working on a solo project to create a hologram to match the personality and appearance of Mirabelle.

After three successive instalments of the Hologram proved unsuccessful Falor requested to be put on active duty again, he needed some other things on his mind… the fact that he got access to the best resources a Scientist could wish for was just a useful side-effect.

For three years he worked on the USS Katana to perfect his hologram in his spare, and sometimes during duty, time. The missions of the Katana took them across the galaxy and he even got a chance to integrate some alien software into the program to make it better.

Against all odds however Falor was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and due to his history in the resistance he was tipped to be a great Commanding Officer, he himself didn’t see much truth in this but after the Bajorans fully joined the Federation Starfleet HQ felt compelled to integrate former resistance fighter deeper into the organisational structure.

So Falor was, more or less voluntarily, send to Command Training and passed them with relative ease before being assigned as Executive officer to the USS Chronos, one of the first Prometheus class vessels in the fleet. Under Command of Captain Shiran Yvex they were sent on a three year mission of exploration in the uncharted territory of the Gamma quadrant.

After their return Kayim was promoted to Captain, but instead of being granted Command of his own vessel Starfleet HQ thought it would be more useful to have him as an Academy instructor in San Francisco. His expertise in Holo-technology and other scientific endeavours made him the perfect candidate… not counting his rotten attitude.

Even though he was known as the harshest instructor of all and half of his students ran out on the class at least once in the year he remained for two years before being booted up to the desk, at the rate of Commodore he was assigned to oversee the development of new scientific methods and research.

Another two years passed and Kayim was finally promoted to Rear Admiral, with it he gained the position of Task Force Commanding Officer for Task Force Twenty Two of the Eighth fleet, Horizon Fleet. As a Task Force headquarters the Admiralty picked Starbase G 47, the fact that it already had a Commanding Officer was of no consequence to this decision, the opportunity to put a Rear Admiral smack centre in the middle of the Romulan Neutral zone with influence spreading even further inward was too good to pass.