Character Profile - Xu Chang-Lau

Xu Chang-Lau

Place of Origin: Japan

Physical Description

Xu is a slight women whose inner strength radiates from her like the corona of a sun. Born in the People’s Republic of China on Earth and moved shortly after to its neighbour Japan, she carries all of the usual markers of her race. The shallow eyes and nose but with an exotic form of beauty.

She carries herself formally at all times owing to her chosen social path, that being the ancient form of Geisha. Her hair it always up with ornate forms of decoration which she does tame down when on duty. When off duty she will often be found sporting the full Geisha apparel from Kimono and Obi right down to the Cherry Blossom Jade Hair pin that was given to her by her Grandmother.

Personality Profile

Xu is a consummate professional always striving to be the best of her art form and career. Her compassion for others, and more over those who are suffering. This can also be a fault that could easily lead to situations that propel her into difficulties beyond her skill set to handle. She will abandon personal safety if it means saving life or lives.

Of duty she is playful and jovial most of the time, but very deeply rooted in tradition from her heritage. This is also the time when she is fully able to become the women she has chosen to be. Admittedly it takes a fair length of time to fully transform herself into a traditional looking Geisha, so often it will be simple clothing however on occasions that warrant she will adorn the full regalia favouring her soft pink and white Kimono.

Early years Biography

Born to a family that valued tradition above all else in Beijing, China on Earth, and shortly after moved with her family to Japan, the home of her mother who married and moved away several years before to be with her Husband, Xu had very little choice but to embrace tradition and in turn the disciplines involved with Geisha. Her grandmother was a Geisha, as was her mother and now her. It was considered a family tradition, and one she would not be permitted to abandon by her family given how rare it now is to find someone of that discipline. She was raised in a way that discipline was a high priority to her which in turn would also aid her in future life with her chosen career.

Most of her childhood was eaten by the training from dance to playing the Sanxian, and long flute necked lute. She excelled at performing arts and later sciences. Along with her Geisha Training, Science became the other constant in her life, or more specifically the desire to become a Forensic Anthropologist. Xenoliguistics and the study of alien languages also become something of a hobby through later childhood.

It was at the age of 18 she had decided upon her chosen fields of study and the career path she wanted to take to achieve this. Her parents supported her and was soon bound for Starfleet Academy along with her now fiancee Axel Cooper.

She followed him to the academy knowing that her life would gain much fulfillment from the experience she would find waiting, not to mention a path into her turning her hobbies and passions outside of being Geisha to that of a chosen profession. She would be able to explore more of the Science and Linguistic Arts that had been her other passion for many years and she was still able to peruse her chosen lifestyle, although it was more controlled with less of the “Geisha Girl” appearance.
It was during this time that the Borg made their second attempt at an invasion of Starfleet and the Federation. She was thrust into a situation while visiting San Francisco for lunch when the USS Enterprise E and a small fleet took on a lone Borg Cube on course for Earth. During this she had been a cadet deployed to aid with the evacuation of as many civilians as possible to ensure the continuation of the human race and other races residing on Earth at the time. Thankfully the situation had been resolved with no further loss of life.

She graduated the Academy with honours at the same time as her fiancée but things had turned sour in the relationship by this point as both had learnt of their different postings, one along the Klingon boarder while the other would be heading to deep space on the outer most reaches of the Cardassian Boarder. Both vowed to wait for the other but the three years he would be out on the rim turned out to be too much for the relationship to bare.

She spent the next few months at the Starfleet Facility on Mars, refining her skills and abilities and working on some terrestrial forensic cases from Earth before being assigned to the USS Genesis, a Nebula Class Starship on a deep space exploration mission that would keep her tied up for almost a year. In this time she again proved herself to be an invaluable commodity to ship and crew. The same could be said for her next two assignments, the USS Sarek and Deep Space 12. In this time she had also started to train as a shuttle pilot.

In the year and a half of service she found very little of note happened and on only two occasions did she find herself in combat situations? Once on the USS Genesis when the ship was hit by a weapon that turned out to be a remnant of the T’Kon Empire. It disabled the ship for several days and the crew attempting to save the lives of the crashed freighter on the local planet’s surface were attacked by unknown lifeforms, also remnants of the T’Kon. The second was while on the USS Sarek when a diplomatic encounter with an unknown race turned sour and the ship was attacked and almost destroyed.

The next chapter of her life and her career in Starfleet would be the Dominion War. This shaped her into the person she would become. Pushing the limits of her endurance and stretching the bounds of her ability. On one occasion she found herself commanding a fire team as the only commissioned officer on site. Shortly after the Dominion war came to a close and her next assignment was clear. She spent four years supporting the rebuilding of Cardassia, or more specifically, identifying the remains of the millions of Cardassian Civilians that had been killed by the Dominion in the last few days of the war.

Her time on Cardassia took a toll. Forensic Anthropology was a passion but in this case it was also a curse. She had to put millions of voices to ghosts of a violent time. Piecing together the remain of just one Cardassian skeleton cold take days and it was a haunting reminder of the brutality they had endured towards the end. She felt nothing but sympathy for those she had to bring back to their familys for a proper burial. Thankfully Starfleet saw the need to rotate these specialists out due to the emotional impact the task had on them and after a further two years Starfleet reassigned her to the USS Andromeda.


Starfleet Facility on Mars: Junior Science Officer
USS Genesis: Science Officer on a Deep Space Exploration Mission
USS Sarek: Science Officer
Deep Space 12: Science Specialist
Cardassia: Science and Medical team Specialist identifying the dead. Long term position due to high volume of unidentified casualties.