Character Profile - Sher’ra Verona

Sher’ra Verona

Place of Origin: Starbase 212

Physical Description

Sher’ra has an average height and weight for an Orion female. She has long Black hair which she often leaves hanging around her face but ties back while on away missions. Her skin tone has a light green tone to it. Her eyes have a light Brown to hazel colour to them. Overall, Sher’rah is well built and maintains her level of fitness through personal training on the holodeck.

Sher’rah’s forhead has a slight set of ridges, giving away her Klingon Heritage

Personality Profile

Sher’ra has a very open and somewhat playful personality. She is always willing to talk to just about anyone about anything. This has come in useful during her service. She does have a bit of a temper from her Klingon half, but she has learned to manage her anger with deep breaths and calm thoughts, or at least she’s tried to….

When off duty, she can often be found in either the mess hall cooking up a storm and on occasion a few custom orders or on the holodeck working out.

Early years Biography

Born onboard Starbase 212 Near the Klingon boarder, Sher’rah was raised by her Orion mother and Klingon who both worked as cooks in a rather unusual Klingon Restaurant on the station, in which Sher’rah’s mother would prepare more traditional Federation food and her father would ‘cook’ Klingon food and sing for the customers. As a child, Sher’rah helped out in the kitchen preparing vegetables and other imported food items from nearby farm worlds for the multitude of dishes prepared by her mother and although she tried to, her father never seemed to need the same level of help as her mother did.

As she grew, Sher’rah learnt more and more about cooking and as she reached the age of 16, she was practically preparing meals on her own and even serving customers at their tables. It was also around this time when Sher’rah learnt about Orion Pheromones and the effect they could have on males, and some females, of various species. As she served the tables, some of the men would begin to become aggressive if she didn’t keep serving their table.

Seeing this happening, Sher’rah’s mother took her to the station’s doctor to find out why her pheromones were so much stronger than her own at Sher’rahs age. The doctor found that due to her Klingon DNA, her pheromone gland had been given a backup along with the other usual organs, however for some reason both of her pheromone glands had become active during puberty instead of just the one. After some simple tests, the doctor prescribed her some medication to help regulate her pheromone glands output to more normal levels.

Grateful to the doctor, Sher’rah began to develop an interest in joining Starfleet. If they could teach this human to treat rare Orion conditions, Imagine what she could learn. After some convincing, Both her parents and the Station commander agreed to help her on her way to Starfleet. The Commander wrote a letter of recommendation and her parents helped her to study during their time off from the restaurant.

Thankfully for Sher’rah, she was the only applicant from her sector of space and by barely passing the entrance exam, she managed to be accepted into the academy.


Her time at the academy was a little more difficult than she’d expected. It wasn’t that she was treated poorly by the other cadets, more that she had a little trouble keeping up with the workload expected of cadets. Eventually, after struggling through her first year, she found her footing with the help of her small group of friends and classmates.

the rest of her time at the Academy went smoothly, keeping her cooking skills sharp by occasionally cooking for her roommates.

After graduation, Sher’rah was assigned to a small Miranda class ship, the USS Ulysses as a security officer. For a first assignment, this one was quite easy as the ageing vessel was primarily assigned to fairing cargo between Starbasses within Federation Territory. The only major excitement was when the Ulysses was tasked with tracking down a smuggler trying to cut through Federation space to get from the Klingon Empire to Cardassia.

After two years on the Ulysses, Sher’rah managed to transfer to Starbase 212 as part of their onboard security department. elated to see her after six years, her parents threw her a private welcome home party. During her off hours, Sher’rah returned to help out at her parents restaurant, which had grown to be the largest on the station with a full staff of both Klingon and Federation cooks.

After a few years on the station, Sher’rah considered retiring from Starfleet and returning full time to running her parents restaurant, but as if from fate itself, a more appealing opportunity came up. She heard through the grapevine that there was a posting for a Chief of Security on a small Nova class vessel. After some thought, Sher’rah put in for the transfer.