Character Profile - Mathias Keane McPhee

Mathias Keane McPhee

Place of Origin: Aberfoyle, Scotland

Physical Description

Light ginger red hair slightly curly which likes to go a bit tousled, no matter how he tries to keep it under control. Piercing blue-green eyes. He has heterochromia which is where each eye has multiple colors – in his case, each has a different but nearly identical combination of blue, green, and gold. His facial features seem like he has a touch of fae in his bloodline. Has a deep baritone voice, and sharp cheekbones. He is tall and a well toned body, not overly bulky.

Personality Profile

Those that know Mathias would say he was cheerful, lively and energetic. In any task he undertakes,he does it with enthusiasm and zeal. He has the ability to look at what might be a mundane task, and find the fun in it. At times it makes the more somber sort of person, shake their head at his perceptions, and some would just find him nonsensical.

Mathias had been told that from time to time, he’d just shrug and go about his work, barely able to keep himself from humming whilst on the bridge. He also has a rather vivid imagination, looking at things like they are works of art.

Early years Biography

Mathias was born in Aberfoyle, Scotland. He is the oldest of four children. His siblings are as follows Randolph Thomas McPhee, his sisters Evelyn Brook, and Avelina Cara. His parents are Sean Alfrid McPhee and Sophie Eileen.

The first part of Mathias’s life was spent playing and learning in the historical boundaries of Aberfoyle, Scotland which is the starting point for those who wished to explore Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park.He also learned of the folklore as well. hearing of the fae from his grandparents who firmly believed in the faerie folk. In fact they had told him that his family had fae blood. Surprisngly, his parents didn’t scoff at that, for they seemed to have an uncanny affinity where plants and other things of nature were entailed. Also there was the familial markers that seemed to indicate there was fae blood in them. or so the grandparents pointed out.

Mathias besides the regular education he learned quite a few things, learned how to herd sheep, shear them of their wool and to prepare the wool for spinning. Plus he learned how to spin the wool into yarn.He did bicycle riding, and fishing.There was a veritable wonderful place for a growing family to explore and gain knowlege. Things he tried and loved was scuba diving, paddle boarding and windsurfing. Plus he learned to golf. He loved hiking, and watching stars. He also learned how to to play the pan pipes, his grandfather giving him his own which he made by hand. He also learned how to make jewelry, work with wood both carving and constructing objects with it. He made his own pan pipes.He also found he had a talent for drawing, alway needing to have a pad of paper and a pencil with him in order to sketch the things he observed.

When he turned thirteen, it was decided that the family would move to Starbase 308 where his father was transferred to. They didn’t mind since his Aunt Goldie and his Uncle James as well as his two cousins were living there.

His father is part of the starbase security team. His mother joined up with her brother James as part of the Aquaponics science team where they grew food as part of a food source for the starbase. It was great being near family, he and his siblings had a lot of fun being with their cousins. As they grew up on the starbase, Mathias showed an affinity for Science, and was encouraged in his enthusiasm.

When he got older Mathias joined Star Fleet and went to the Academy, where he dove right into the scholastic world. Not only did he enjoy the Academy he also was introduced to skydiving and hot air ballooning as well as snowboarding. He also joined a rugby team.

Two years later his brother, Randolph joined Star Fleet to become a helmsman for a starship. His cousin. Albert joined the SCE.

During his time growing up, Mathias was told that with his different sort of eyes, people thought that he had elven blood, sort of a half-elf. Which to them made him sort of exotic. Mathias didn’t mind, at times he didn’t feel like he was.. completely human. There were theories running around that the sidhe, elves, the faerie folk, were actually from another world. This sort of thing was interesting to Mathias.


Mathias graduated from Star Fleet Academy, went on his cadet tour on the USS Wichita, successfully completing the cadet cruise becoming the rank of Ensign. After graduating, his first tour was on the USS Broadsword, doing stellar cartography and watching the birth of a new star. He served on that ship for two years then was transferred to the USS Nimue, an Intrepid class ship exploration.

He thought it was great, due to Nimue was one of the names the Lady of the Lake was known by, the keeper of the sword Excalibur. He served on that ship for three years, becoming the Assistant Chief of Science. He also earned the rank of LTJG. He then was transferred to Starbase 308 joining the science team there.

Life on Starbase 308

He was transferred to Starbase 308 to the delight of his family. He thought it interesting being back home. Not only was he there as part of the science team, he also found himself in the capacity of a teacher.

Mathias became a favorite among the children who always could count on him for story telling, when he was off duty. He would tell them stories of knights, dragons and faeries, even making up his own stories to tell. Which delighted the kids, and adults. He even built a puppet stage where the children as well as adults would perform to the amusement of those that watch.

Mathias wasn’t the only one who came back ‘home’ his brother was assigned to the Starbase being helmsman for his Aunt who was captain of the USS Crystal Star, a saber class shp assigned with the SCE and the Starbase. His cousin also returned to be part of the SCE assigned there.

Mathias’s two younger sisters run a gift and tea shop, which featured a small bakery and handmade gifts on the Starbase. Neither of them wanted to join Star Fleet feeling that their talents served people better. The name of the shop was Whimsy Tea Shop and Gifts.Their names are Evelyn Brook McPhee, Avelina Cara McPhee.

Starfleet Academy
USS Wichita-Cadet Cruise
USS Broadsword-Science
USS Nimue-Assistant Chief of Science, gained rank of LTJG
Starbase 308-Part of Science Team and also an Science Teacher
USS Merlin-Chief Science Officer