Character Profile - Michael Vincent Hawkins

Michael Vincent Hawkins

Place of Origin: Brixham, England

Physical Description

Tall lean with a build like that of an runner/dancer. Dark Grey eyes like the waters of the sea when it is stormy.Wavy black hair.

Personality Profile

Michael is a fairly good natured, all around nice guy. Has a sense of adventure, a good head on his shoulders, and at times a bit of a negotiator. He’s had to be with being the middle child of five.

Early years Biography

Michael grew up in the coastal town of Brixham, a place filled with rich history. As a boy, he stepped on the deck of the Golden Hind replicae, visited the site where the troops loaded up on ships as part of the D-Day fleet. When school was out during the summer break, he sailed as part of the crew of his maternal Grandfather Cole’s tall ship, the Triflewith. His grandfather Cole ran a tour where people could experience what it was like to be on a tall ship.

Michael’s mother Ruby is part of the historical society to preserve the historical value of Brixham. His father, Joseph Andrew Hawkins works as an operations/engineer personnel to keep the transport systems running which connect Brixham to other towns and cities.His paternal Grandfather, Artemus Gordon Hawkins was captain of the USS Brixham, a science vessel, until his retirement.

With the blood of seafarers in running in his veins, and hearing of adventures of his grandfather and other relatives, its no small wonder that Michael would want to go exploring the new frontier of the vast boundless expanse of space.


Michael joined Star Fleet Academy, graduated with honors, was assigned to Avalon Station as part of the operations and engineering team.With the on going daily operations of Avalon Station,Michael was rather involved in both aspects of maintaining operations and engineering. On Avalon Station at times a person had to function in more than one capacity.

Michael was transferred to the USS Boudicea serving a year under the Command of Captain Cara Letsul as an assistant chief engineer. He enjoyed it very much, was hoping that he would continue with that ship. However it was not to be. Instead, to his suprise, Michael transferred to the USS Brixham.

To him it was like coming home. He found out that he had been personally requested by Captain John Weatherly. Michael was amazed to find this out, and that Captain Weatherly had served under his Grandfather. Michael had asked Captain Weatherly once why he requested him, the captain just smiled and said, “I have my reasons, maybe someday you will find what they were.” Michael enjoyed his time on the USS Brixham and was saddened when the USS Brixham was to be decommissioned. Afterwards he was shipped out to Starbase 308 for his next posting, the USS Andromeda as Chief Operations Officer.

Service record
2391 until 2393 was Operations officer at Avalon Station.
2393 until 2394 Assistant Chief Engineer on the USS Boudicea.
2394 Served two years on the USS Brixham a science ship as Assistant Operations Officer before she was decommissioned.
2396 Transferred to the Andromeda as Chief Operations Officer. Later on transferred to be Chief Engineer.