Character Profile - Tamaska Esmeray Holt

Tamaska Esmeray Holt

Place of Origin: Clayton, California Earth

Physical Description

She is tall and shapely with a well toned build. Her height she gets from her father’s side. She has light brown wavy hair with blonde highlights, dark brown eyes. From her heritage she has light brown skin.

Personality Profile

General Overview

What can be said about Tamaska, she is a fairly even tempered woman, her attitude is mostly upbeat, not letting things completely get her down. Sure there will be rough times, but as long as she is alive, there will still be a ray of hope to get through things.

Strengths and weaknesses

She is dedicated, has great willpower, is approachable and diplomatic. Looks at things in an analytical way.

She can get frustrated for a short time, but then it goes away as she makes a concientious effort and sheer willpower to get through. She isn’t all sunshine and roses, she does have a slow burning fuse.

She’ll handle things in a diplomatic way if possible, but if they cross the line, then they get treated to her cold side. It has been said they feel a distinct chill in the air, when they face her in this particular mode. They much prefer her normal disposition.

Early years Biography

Tamaska was born in Clayton California where both sides of her family lived. On her mother’s side they have a ranch where they have horses as well as a set up for archery, as well as their martial arts.They also have a dojang downtown in the city. On her father’s side they have a small farm 20 acres where they grow fruits, vegetables, herbs as well as having milk, eggs and cheese for sale.

Tamaska, while growing up never lacked for playmates due to quite a few of her family members live nearby. She had cousins galore to play with while exploring the Mount Diablo state park.

When she was age 5 her grandparents and parents thought it was time for her to learn martial arts due to her interest in it. She was already showing the necessary empathy needed to realize that she was to be careful where her training was concerned. She was also learning to ride a horse. As she grew older, it was discovered that she was going to be taller than most girls her age. Tamaska wasn’t very interested in the make up, hair and dressing up phase that some girls loved to go through. She was more interested in being outside and getting dirty than getting dressed up in fine clothing. . And there were the horses. She loved horses. When she got to experience archery from the back of a horse, that was a thrill for her. She showed an affinity for it.

Her parents, grandparents and varied relatives didn’t let her flounder in her schooling either. They felt it important that she was well rounded in her education.

Tamaska stood up against bullying and as she grew, she played bodyguard for those who were experiencing trouble with bullies. Even though she was pleasant, people did give way to her when she walked down the halls of her school. Some actually patted her shoulder. She did have a following. There were some who tried to make her get into fights, some smaller people who wanted to cause trouble with a larger person. She always investigated before she took any sort of action after an incident that almost caused trouble for her.

A tall boy had been accused of harrassing a girl, and that just didn’t set well with Tamaska. She confronted the boy and almost got into a fight with him, when she caught the whispers of said girl and her smirks. Tamaska realized that she and the boy were being set up. She gave her apologies, and went to confront the girl,who disappeared quickly when she realized Tamaska knew she had been set up.

Tamaska was on the hunt for that girl, along with several of her cousins. She wanted to talk with said girl and find out why, why she wanted Tamaska and the boy to fight. It didn’t make any sense to her. After an investigation, it was found that the boy was attracted to Tamaska and didn’t want to pay any attention to said girl. Jealousy was a factor.

Tamaska was surprised that someone found her attractive, when she felt gawkish and ungainly like a newborn foal. Which was not the case, she wasn’t clumsy at all. The boy was from the South Pacific, his height and physique made her feel like she was a normal size girl. He was 6’6″ to her height of 6’0″. She lost her heart to him. He was wonderful to her, and her family liked him very much. They dated in their junior year, then half of their senior year. That was when the heartbreak came, he and his family were moving away. His name Kaiholo Pilipo Aukai.

Before he left, Kaiholo gave her a necklace which had a polished abalone shell upon it with a black pearl, attached to it by gold. It was something he made for her, and she loved it.

A goodbye kiss and he was gone being shipped off to whereever his father was being assigned, for he was part of Star Fleet. Tamaska moped about the house and at school for a couple of weeks until her aunt Min came for a visit to talk to her parents.

That is when things got interesting. Min was on assignment for a diplomat and family, they needed someone who was near their daughter’s age to be a bodyguard as well as a companion to show her the sights of the city, she thought of Tamaska. This got Tamaska out of her doldrums, she was elated and begged her parents to grant Aunt Min’s request. They were agreeable, and she found herself in a different world. She had to quickly study up on the diplomat’s customs, as well as continue her school studies to graduate.

Tamaska soon found out that the diplomat’s daughter was a willful and spoiled person, and that they had gone through several different bodyguard/companions. They just couldn’t handle being around her so got themselves transferred to someplace else. Tamaska gave a slight sigh when she first met the daughter, who was in the middle of a meltdown. The girl was her age! Just like she has done with her younger cousins she snapped out.

“Chungbunhi!” which was the word, Enough! in Korean.

That stopped the daughter’s meltdown, and this tall girl caught her curiosity. Tamaska introduced herself and firmly informed the daughter that things were going to be different. Tamaska wasn’t Starfleet and she wasn’t going to tolerate any conniption fits or nonsense, from her. If she didn’t like it Tamaska would leave,just like the others did. And the daughter would miss out on seeing different things and go different places. Plus Tamaska would not tolerate any sort of bullying behavior from the daughter. For that is how the daughter had been acting towards the other bodyguard/companions being a bully in one form or other.

Needless to say, there were a several conflicts between the two girls the last one was where the special necklace that Kaiholo had made for her was concerned. That was when the daughter experienced the cold chilling aspect of Tamaska. She thought to claim the necklace as her own. There was a dangerous gleam in Tamaska’s eyes, like lightning and fire mixed together then it went icy. In a rather cold tone, Tamaska stated,

“Do not touch this necklace at all. It is something special to me and you can not have it. ” her lips thinning into just a line.

The diplomat’s daughter gave an unconscious shiver, as she gazed at Tamaska. She quickly ascertained that she had pushed the boundaries to far with Tamaska. She sincerely apologized to Tamaska hoping to get her companion back to her more warmer self. Tamaska relented, and after that, the diplomat’s daughter didn’t give Tamaska anymore trouble. They became friends after that. It was with great insistence that the diplomat wanted Tamaska to travel with them for about a year. It was agreed upon.

Tamaska’s time of service came to an end, when the diplomat’s daughter was going to be married. The duty of protecting was going to be given to others, the daughter had turned into a more centered person, having had training from Tamaska in defending herself and meditation. The daughter wasn’t acting spoiled anymore.

Tamaska went home, and then let her parents know she was going to join StarFleet and go into Security. They thought it was a wise decision.


Tamaska was 19 when she joined Starfleet, graduating with honors, she then was sent to Starbase One where her father served as an Engineer and an uncle who served there as part of the security team. Her granfather Alarick Holt gave her a knife he told her to keep in her boot. It was much like his own. She beamed with delight, giving him a hug. She was on Starbase One until she received transfer orders to be part of the Security staff on a science vessel. She was looking forward to that. There was a celebration, her gear was packed and she set off to her new assignment. New assignment USS Copernicus, a science vessel. A chance to go explore and keep those on the science vessel safe. When the USS Copernicus was attacked by an Unknown enemy, killing most of the crew and damaging the ship extensively, the senior officers left have become the new command team of the vessel.

Star Base One- Security
USS Copernicus- Chief of Security
USS Copernicus-Executive Officer