Character Profile - Thomas Winter

Thomas Winter

Place of Origin: Kentucky, Earth

Physical Description

Tom is a man of average height with a lean, muscular build. He tends to keep his brown hair short and neat, though his dislike of shaving means he usually has some stubble on his face. His uniform matches his hair style; maintained to the same specifications day in, day out. Off duty, he tends to merely abandon the black tunic and keep on the red undershirt of his uniform

Personality Profile

Tom is a man with a generally light disposition. He welcomes dialogue from those he serves with, and is willing to have a joke provided it doesn’t interfere with the work. However, he is a career officer and does not appreciate insubordination, and will deal with it harshly when it presents itself.

Early years Biography

Tom was born in late 2360 to James and Janet Winter, the second of their two sons. He grew up on his family’s farm in Kentucky, where he would spend a lot of his time reading under the tree about fifty metres from their house.

From a young age, Tom wanted to join Starfleet. He didn’t want to simply keep living on the farm, and certainly wasn’t content with the farmer’s life that so pleased his parents and brother. However, in spite of this contrast in their goals, Tom and his brother maintained a close relationship throughout their formative years, though his relationship with his parents, particularly his father, was somewhat more strained.

In 2377, at the age of 16, Tom entered Starfleet Academy, with a major in piloting and a minor in tactical operations. In December of that same year, he served as best man at his Brother’s wedding, though he had to leave early in order to get back in time to finish preparing for an assessment the following day


In 2378, Tom met Milena Kensington, a florist living in San Fransisco. A year later, shortly before his graduation from the Academy, Tom and Milena eloped in order for her to be able to come with him on his first assignment.

Upon his graduation from the Academy in 2381, Tom was assigned as a shuttle pilot on Starbase 172, primarily working ferrying diplomatic delegations to and from neighbouring systems. Due to this, he was often away from the station, and cracks in his relationship slowly began to form shortly after his daughter Kelly was born in late 2381.

In 2383, he was promoted to Lieutenant Jg and assigned as the Chief Flight Control Officer of the USS Casanova, a Wallace class vessel assigned to the station. This meant he was away from the station more than ever before, barely making it back in time for Kelly’s second birthday.

In 2385, Tom was promoted to Lieutenant and made the First Officer of the Casanova in addition to his duties as Chief Flight Controller. Again, this meant more time away from home and Milena finally had enough, divorcing Tom and returning to San Francisco.

While the collapse of his marriage and absence of his daughter impacted Tom, it doubly focused him on his work. In 2387, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to the USS Sulu, an old Excelsior Class ship, as CO. He served here for three years, earning a promotion to Commander in early 2390, before transferring to the USS Caesar, a Nebula class ship, as it’s new CO at the tail end of that year.

Shortly before he was due to assume Command of the Caesar, Tom returned to Earth to visit with his family in Kentucky, and to see his daughter. However, due to his absence, Tom found himself treated almost as a stranger by Kelly. It was only at the urging of both Milena and Jack, Tom’s nephew who often spent time sitting with the girl, that Kelly began to open up to him, after being taken by Tom and Jack on a fishing trip.

In 2394, Tom was promoted to Captain. Later, in mid 2396, Tom was assigned pursuit of the rogue Starfleet Captain Michael Llewellyn, being assigned Command of the USS Imperator to aid in this task. Following the return of Imperator from the mission, Winter was assigned the Command permanently.