Character Profile - Samantha Cavendish

Samantha Cavendish

Place of Origin: Earth

Physical Description

Before her assignment on the Jean Luc, Samantha was a healthy 125 lbs and worked out regularly by running and skating. She is trying to get her weight back and drinks nutrient supplements with all meals.

She wears her hair in a regulation chignon and it is only down when she is off duty. She used to wear the skirted version of the uniform, but she now wears the pants version to hide the scars on her legs.

Personality Profile

Samantha is a quiet person when around those she doesn’t know even more so since being a prisoner of the Breen. Her time as a prisoner of war on a Breen controlled planet has marked her and she often has nightmares about the time on the planet. Counsellors have not been able to get her to talk about it or to help her. She often retreats to her love of Ice-Skating and can often be found in the holodeck practicing.
Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths:

Attentive to details

PTSD – Is seeing a counselor
Has low tolerance for cold weather environments
Hates being snuck up on.
Fluctuating Self-Esteem
AmbitionsTo get her life back to normal. To do her job and fly ships. To eventually climb the ladder
Hobbies & InterestsReading, Ice-skating, Skiing, though her love of snow has waned a lot in the past few years.

Early years Biography