Character Profile - Jaeih t'Rhenn

Jaeih t’Rhenn

Place of Origin: Romulan warbird Genorex

Physical Description

Jaeih stands at 5f7, weighing in at 135lbs. She wears her brown hair normally in a ponytail when on duty. She has a hearing implant above her right ear. And she has eyes that are almost amber in colour. She has not got the normal forehead ridges of a Romulan due to her Betazoid heritage. She does however have pointed ears and green blood. Her ears are less pointed then the normal Romulan and Vulcan. She is lean and fit and works out privately in her own cabin.

Due to her dual heritage of Betazoid and Romulan, Jaeih has the genetic abilities of empathy and touch telepathy. The touch telepathy is stronger than a normal touch telepaths due to the fact that Jaeih was deaf for 14 years of her life.

Personality Profile

Jaeih, having lived half her young life in silence is very much a quiet person. She seems shy around people, but when she is comfortable with people she will talk to them. She is not one to yell or carry on. At the academy she was seen as the quiet one in her group of friends but she is protective of those friends when pushed. She wants to be an Engineer, and is happy in crawl spaces and tinkering with things. She has one obsession. She ADORES comfortable surroundings. And silks and other finely produced goods. She is a true child of the Jorani Clan from which her house stems. Her room in her family home on Betazed is decorated in a mix of Romulan and Betazoid styles and her great grandmother loves taking Jaeih shopping.

Strengths & Weaknesses+ Creative and Practical
+ Know How to Prioritize
+ Has ear device that translates all known languages

– deaf until the age of 14
– Private and Reserved
– Stubborn

AmbitionsTo be a great Engineer
Hobbies & InterestsReading, Romulan Martial Arts, Swimming

Early years Biography

Born on the Romulan warbird Genorex as it pulled into DS9 for repairs. Her father, Eriei’Arrain Taev t’Rhenn was an engineer on it, and her mother, Lieutenant Sharna Ethis, was an exchange officer from Starfleet, assigned to the Genorex for the period of the Dominion war. Their relationship was not anything more than a few nights together which resulted in offspring.

As Jaeih was born on a Romulan warbird, she was granted Romulan citizenship, and she gained federation citizenship from her mother. A dual citizen, Jaeih was also very sick when born due to her dual racial traits. Her blood at first caused her a few issues. But after a few days in intensive care on DS9, she stabilized and her parents were able to hold their child.

A few weeks later, Taev arrived at Betazed with Sharna and Jaeih, on a federation shuttle. Both had taken leave of absence from their duties and felt that Betazed would be the best place for Jaeih to grow up during the war. With Betazed newly freed from Dominion control, Sharna found that her house had been decimated and only her grandmother and aunt remained from the family.

Taev and Sharna conversed and worked with the family remaining to rebuild the family estate. Sharna’s grandmother Carolyn Ethis, took to the newborn Jaeih. And was very happy to have the baby with her. It was when Jaeih was 7 months old that the doctors on Betazed found that she was deaf. She would not respond to people saying her name, unless they were facing the infant. Jaeih’s doctors looked into medical procedures and it was suggested that, when she was older, around the age of 14, her hearing canals would be able to be medically repaired. Until then, Jaeih and her family would learn sign language. Her parents eventually married in 2379 when Jaeih was 4. That same year she was joined by a baby brother, Kohl, and three years after that, a baby sister Sindari. Her siblings were spared the issues that plagued Jaeih as an infant due to the fact that the doctors knew what could happen.

When Jaeih was 5, her parents and her went to Romulus to visit the Romulan side of the family. She met her grandparents and aunts and uncles. They had learned the same sign language as her maternal family, so Jaeih was able to communicate.

In 2384 with the warnings about the Horbus star, Jaeih’s Romulan family, like many with means, packed up and left the Capital Planet. They moved to a distant planet in the empire, near the Federation border. Her grandfather was among those calling for aid from the Federation and their family worked tirelessly to move as many people as they could away from Romulus. The Federation initially agreed to help. Ultimately, however, an attack on Mars carried out by re-programmed synths in 2385 destroyed the evacuation fleet before it could depart for Romulan space, and Starfleet subsequently withdrew their promise to help.

Jaeih’s father Taev, who had resigned from the Romulan Military in 2378, began his own business in 2379, a shipping/transport business and he put his own fleet of ships to work taking refugees from Romulus to Vashti. Jaeih joined her father often on his trips, being a young silent child, she sat for hours watching the crews. When Romulus was destroyed by the Supernova, Jaeih’s family felt it keenly, they assisted the Romulan people where they could and their ships were and still to this day are left alone by all factions within the Romulan Star Empire. She spent time with her paternal family equally and they taught her the basics of Romulan Martial art N’Delrek.

N’Delrek is an ancient art and resembles Terran jujitsu and wrestling. The objective is to grapple the opponent to the ground and disable him with a punch or strike. The basic moves are Golradi (joint lock), Grab, Huunar (throw), Kellad (nerve strike), and Strike (basic punch, kick or other strike)

In 2389, Jaeih underwent surgery to fix her hearing. It was partially successful with her gaining full hearing in her left ear but only 45% in her right ear. She was implanted with a hearing implant and spent 6 months in intensive therapy to learn how to speak federation standard. Her hearing implant has a translation chip and translates all known federation and non federation languages to Federation Standard, so she can understand them.

In 2391, after discussions with her parents, Jaeih undertook the entrance exams for Starfleet on Betazed. As she finished her secondary education she received word that she was accepted.

She started at the Academy in 2392, choosing the Engineering track, following in her father’s footsteps. She was 17 and moving away from home, for the first time. Her mother traveled with her to earth. Her mother wanted to make sure everything went smoothly. Rumours around how Romulans were treated swirled over the years and despite her dual citizenship, Jaeih used her Romulan name. It concerned her mother and father both but Jaeih wanted to go to the Academy.

2392-2396 were 4 years of hard work and some fun as she made a few friends. Her roommate on the other hand, was a Vulcan who was not for reunification. And who was studying science. She treated Jaeih like something the dog dragged in. Jaeih’s way of handling it was to basically not be in their joint common room as much as possible. She spent hours at the Library or in the Engineering labs.

Late 2396, Jaeih graduated from the Academy and was assigned to the USS Arcadia as a basic engineering officer.

Due to her dual heritage of Betazoid and Romulan, Jaeih has the genetic abilities of empathy and touch telepathy. The touch telepathy is stronger than a normal touch telepaths due to the fact that Jaeih was deaf for 14 years of her life.


USS Arcadia – Ensign