Character Profile - Sibyl Danzer

Sibyl Danzer

Place of Origin: Betazoid/Human

Physical Description

Has much of the genetic expression from her father’s mostly African earther heritage, and the black betazoid eyes of her mother. Is a little on the taller side of average for a human woman. She dresses simple and smart when not in uniform, preferring practical wear or active wear. She won’t be caught dead in impractical shoes, even for fancy events.

Although she smiles easily and seems both confident and comfortable, she always looks like she’s looking for angles and observing everything.

Personality Profile
Early years Biography

Sibyl’s childhood centered around life aboard the freighter “Third Noon” where she was primarily raised by her human father and the small crew that operated more or less like a family. Her Betazoid birth mother gave up custody to her human Father when she was too young to remember. Her mother doesn’t stay in touch very much, seeming to focus on other life and new family and other than occasional well wishing, Sybyl is alright with the arrangement.

She was very content with life aboard the freighter. Her father included her in almost anything in the business and operations, such that the crew treated her with deference as well. She didn’t grow up around a lot of other kids so although she was naturally enough playful and inquisitive, she also took on a very responsible and ambitious adult personna from a very young age.

Although there were many amazing sights to see, cultures to engage with and business transactions to learn, Sibyl had a lot of time on her hands aboard ship and spent much of it reading and researching and filling her mind. She was often preparing for the next world they were travelling to, learning about the language, customs, and history, and preparing to visit. Sibyl maintains a detailed and lengthy log of all of her experiences abroad to this day, one which she began alongside her father as soon as she could talk into the computer.

She prefers reading classics, non fiction, and biographies and was largely self educated through application and experience and satiating curiosity. Her father had her prep for and take exams for educational credit and she found them none to difficult. She also learned to read technical manuals, observed ship mechanics and assisted, and as a teen was trained to pilot the delivery shuttle pods. She was a versatile and valued member of the crew of the Third Noon. They were broken hearted when she decided to apply for Starfleet training instead of staying on with them.

Although she killed it in the academics department at Academy, she felt like a duck out of water socially. She opted for training in tactics and political sciences and made an effort to improve her skills physically, joining track and putting in time on the phaser range, hoping to round herself out as more than just a brainy kid and become a capable officer in the general Security and Tactical track. Also Sibyl discovered that the more activities she could fill her schedule with, the less awkward it would be trying to fit in with everyone else.

During her first shipboard assignment Sibyl got into a whirlwind romance and marriage to Cliff Bowen, a fellow security officer. Cliff was not a complicated man and wasn’t climbing any career ladders very fast. Nothing like Sibyl’s ambitions.

They served together, until she was promoted more quickly and moved up. She and Cliff had a difficult time making their professional lives work together and became distanced.