Character Profile - Jared Rosado

Jared Rosado

Place of Origin: Hakton VII, now resides in Minos Korva

Physical Description

Jared has the look of a person who could hold his own due to his history of Parrises Squares. His smile is really what immediately identifies him. It’s contagious as well as genuine. However, Jared carries a sense of confidence gained from time served as an instructor at the Academy and a career in the hotbeds of the Federation. He is widely viewed as very relatable. His voice keeps a calm and genuine tone. But, he is known to throw down a fiery speech when called upon.

Personality Profile

Jared has calmed greatly since his early days as a hotshot young pilot. He is usually fairly calm in nature and has grown more methodical. He cares deeply for each person on his he meets, especially those who he has regular contact. Jared has taken it upon himself to never see the people of the Federation as solely numbers, he holds regular open office hours and walks with the regular people whenever possible. However, he knows that becoming a Senator will require him to make unpopular choices, he knows that real change requires a person to make the tough calls. He is very relatable and can be charismatic.

Early years Biography

Born in the colony world of Hakton VII, Jared was born to a family that had valued independence and self-reliance. His father, Malcolm, owned a large ranch that had been in the family for generations. His mother, Tina, taught at a local elementary school. Jared was the baby, a fact that his older sister, Leah never lets him forget.

As the two siblings grew up, it was almost like they lived in two worlds. On one hand, their mother taught them the importance of modern technology and the meaning of a good education that would bring a life of new experiences. On the other, their father instilled in them the value of the old ways. Before and after school, the two were expected to finish their chores around the ranch and to help care for the cattle. During summer breaks, their father would take Jared and Leah on long cattle drives to teach them to live off the land and to depend only on themselves.

However, things changed during his early adolescence. The Cardassian Border Wars had finished, giving placing his home firmly in the DMZ. This ripped his family apart as his father joining with the Maquis while the rest remained loyal to the Federation. After a bit of time passed, his father was one of the three colonists discovered and murdered during the Hakton Massacre of 2370. Devastated, the family left Hakton VII and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona.

As soon as Leah turned eighteen, she found her way to Starfleet Academy to become a doctor. While away, she secretly encouraged Jared to join her. As a boy, Jared always looked to the stars and would trace impulse lines incoming and leaving Starbase One. Needless to say, he did not need much convincing. Fortunately, his sister was off-world on a cadet survival training exercise when the Breen attacked San Francisco.

By the time he had entered in 2378, Leah had already left San Francisco for her residency on Bajor. Jared, always ambitious, chose the Command Path with a focus on Flight Control. After his first class, he was immediately in love and showed much promise. In fact, his best grades at the Academy were in his flight control and survival classes. The second, he owed to the countless time spent over those summers.

With a knack for flying, he was quickly recruited to Gamma Squadron as a first year cadet. Jared joined the elite flying squad and made a name for himself as a talented pilot and leader. With his calling firmly found, Jared soared in the cockpit as well as in the classroom. During his fourth year, he assumed leadership of the squad and led Gamma Squad to the 2382 Rigel Cup Championship. The celebration was as memorable as it was fun, the Academy did not sleep that night.

He was the last fourth year to take the dreaded Kobayashi Maru before graduation. Jared was given the Chief Flight Control aboard the Galaxy Class USS Challenger in 2382. Continuing the trend, Jared proved himself as a fabulous pilot, earning accolades for bravery and skill. However, he was a bit of a hotshot who also earned a few disciplinary actions in his time.

This all changed in 2387 when the Hobus Supernova destroyed Romulus. As one of the only ships patrolling the less defended Neutral Zone, the Challenger was called upon to lead some of Starfleet’s humanitarian response missions. These missions proved to be taxing in every way for the crew. For the first time Jared had been truly humbled and his outlook on life changed.

The details fall into the category that Jared will only discuss with a trusted Counselor, but the catalyst seemed to be a Reman refugee colony that was being attacked by rogue Klingons. Due to losses sustained and the nature of the event, Jared was field promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the Chief Operations Officer position. He never looked back and made a respectable officer out of what was the upstart hotshot.

After two years of being behind the Neutral Zone, the Challenger was finally rotated out of the lineup. As part of this, Jared was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given a teaching position in the Academy. It was there that he taught both Flight Control and Survival classes. His favorite activity was to mock up a crash landing on Luna in order to force his cadets to survive in the vacuum of space. On occasion, Jared administered the Kobayashi Maru test. It was part of his rotation as a staff member of the Command Department. After seeing an entire class of Cadets make their way to graduation, Jared was again assigned to the Chief of Strategic Operations aboard Starbase 621. His experience teaching as well as operating in a foreign territory were all seen as valuable at this huge frontier outpost.

Brokering a bit of dialogue with regional powers as well as again proving himself as a more than capable officer caught the attention of Captain Aryl Th’taorhak, the Andorran Commanding Officer of the station. As soon as the station’s first officer was given his own ship, Jared was promoted to Commander and given the new role of First Officer. During the events of a regional scientific and economic conference with the Federation, Cardassians, and Tzenkethi, the station was attacked from the inside with bombs. Jared was field promoted to Captain and tasked with investigating the attack. The final results of the investigation found that a breakaway Cardassian extremist group carried out the attack in order to damage Federation-Cardassian relations as well as destabilize the civilian Cardassian government. As the investigation wrapped up, Jared retired from Starfleet in order to pursue a career in politics. He found no other choice to help bring the change that he thought the Federation so desperately needed.


Sons of Cheron

Foreign Affairs
– Pause New Member Worlds and Reduce Protectorates
– Cutbacks to Foreign Aid
– No Longer Rebuild Enemies while Federation Worlds Suffer
– Isolationist

– Prepare for the Next Existential Threat
– Stronger Focus on Military Vessels
– More Planetary Defenses for Member Worlds, More Patrols for Colonies
– Fortify Border Regions

Internal Affairs
– Rebuild Mars and Worlds Neglected since the Dominion War
– Expand Resource Extraction
– Rebuild Utopia Planetia
– Expand Science and Engineering Schools
– A Self-reliant Federation

“With you, For you, For the Federation”
“One People, One Federation, One Future”
“Si vis pacem, para bellum”