Character Profile - Ivan Petrov

Ivan Petrov

Place of Origin: Moscow, Eurasian Dominion, Terra

Physical Description

Ivan is aging but still quite strong and formidable. Once a handsome young man in top physical condition, he was expanded just a bit with age. He is tall, standing at 6’4″, and he keeps well-maintained facial hair.

Personality Profile

A natural commander and leader of men, Ivan Petrov is confident to the point of overconfidence and domineering to the point of arrogance, but he has a sharp mind for strategy and can tell treachery from loyalty. His life has made him smart and flexible. Though seemingly kind in most situations, Ivan is high minded, born of the Imperial Aristocracy, and considers those beneath him as comfortably inferior. A true patriot, Ivan has strived to embody the values of the Empire and wants nothing more than to extend her glory throughout the galaxy. He is a ruthless, calculating, charmer and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Early years Biography

Ivan Domitrovich Petrov was born on 21 September, 2312, the only child of Russian oligarch and statesman Dimitri Petrov and his wife Anna. Privilege, power, and fabulous wealth was in his blood, but viciousness and loyalty were there also. His father served the empire with distinction, earning the friendship of the emperor, and Ivan grew up in the shadow of a great man. As a boy, he attended dances with the most important people in the Empire and cut his teeth at meetings which he, in his youth, found boring. Ivan longed to be a man of action, and he had his eyes set on a soldier’s uniform.

When Ivan was 10 years old, his father was appointed Imperial Treasurer and the family moved to the Imperial Capital of Rome. There, his father exercised control over the banking and business sectors and became even more wealthy while also making lots of money for the Emperor. Ivan attended private schools with the children of the elite and grew strong, tall, capable, and entitled. His interest in a military career was encouraged, at least until he became the head of his family, as he was considered an ideal candidate for Starfleet.

Imperial Starfleet Academy
When Ivan entered as a cadet, the competition was fierce and people from all over the tiny empire were fighting to get top marks. Oftentimes it was good grades that yielded good assignments and everyone wanted good assignments. His first year was particularly rough as he went from an environment where there was no competition to a place where one can be cheated out of all their hopes and dreams. He learned some useful ruthlessness, and eventually became quite capable of high achievement at the Academy. When he wasn’t studying or forcing a weaker student to study for him, he was womanizing and partying. Any missteps were smoothed over by his father.

After a year at the Academy, Ivan decided on the security and tactical concentration and focused his energies on becoming stronger, smarter, and more capable than the other cadets. He was relatively successful, though certainly not the best there. He was particularly good with hand to hand combat because he was both fast and quite strong. In all ways, he became the sort of young man that everyone expected greatness from. He intended to prove them right.


ISS Helsinki
After graduating from the Academy in 2334, Ivan‘s first assignment was aboard the ISS Helsinki as a junior security officer. His job was to keep the gamma shift watch on the bridge and to lead the department during that time. During that time, he showed that he had a particular aptitude for dealing with a stressful situation and managing personnel. Filing reports wasn’t exactly his favorite thing to do, but after getting some tips from other officers, you got the hang of it rather quickly. Through volunteering himself, he handled department reports on a daily basis for the chief and assistant chief. When the promotion board came around and recommended him for promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, he was a natural choice for promotion to the newly vacant assistant Chief role. Unfortunately, another officer was in competition for that role and happened to be sleeping with the Chief of Security. Ivan had been using his access to department records to track her misdeeds and send them to the executive officer, ensuring that he was the one who got the job.

For two years he served as Assistant Chief of Security aboard the Helsinki, a ship which was always assigned to border patrol missions around the Sol system. There were several times when they were called to intimidate an Alliance or Republican ship into staying out of their system, but as most careers in the present age, it was peaceful.

In 2337, he was promoted to Lieutenant and given the Chief of Security slot on the ship. He implemented many of the ideas he’d been developing since he began to actively desire the department head role. He was well-known and respected already in the department, so his changes met no resistance and, soon, the Security department was running like a well-oiled machine. In 2342, after five years in the relatively peaceful role aboard the Helsinki, Ivan got a chance to prove his metal. An Alliance ship made an incursion into Imperial Space under cloak in an attempt to gather intelligence on Terran weapons and other technologies. Once they were discovered by Imperial Intelligence, Helsinki was dispatched to take care of them. After a lengthy space battle, they disabled the Alliance ship and Ivan beamed over with a full security compliment. Their discipline and orderliness was noted as they traveled the decks of the ship, slaughtering every Klingon they could find, leaving no one alive except the command officers who were soon transported to Terra for further questioning. Following this event, a commendation was entered into his record and the promotion board recommended him for promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

In 2344, Ivan checked in on Terra for shoreleave and to help his father manage the affairs of their businesses and the estate. One evening he went out to an Opera performance and was taken by the singing of a beautiful young woman who sang the lead. Driven by her wonderful singing and her gorgeous appearance, he used his influence to make his way backstage to meet her. Upon their first time talking to each other, he found out her name was Yana Volkova. They dated for the next year and then were engaged to be married.

ISS Poseidon
In 2347, after completion of the Academy Command Training School, Ivan was promoted to the rank of Commander and assigned as Executive Officer on the ISS Poseidon. With great energy, he set about his numerous duties, putting his organizational and leadership skills into action to get the crew ready for anything. He got a reputation for being firm but fair and not being the right man to cross in any situation. Known for treating slaves well, Ivan had successfully become well-loved by all echelons of crew members over the six years he served as XO. In 2353, however, everything changed when an assignment took them beyond the Imperial Border on a recon mission. When they were discovered and the ship was badly damaged, the Captain offered a surrender, a decision that would have resulted in the torture and death of the entire crew. Ivan, along with the other senior officers, refused to follow the order. When the Captain refused to resign his command on the spot and surrender it to Ivan, he shot his commanding officer dead right there on his own Bridge. Taking command, Ivan led a surprise attack against their enemies and managed to get Poseidon back to Terran space.

Though initially charged with the murder of his Captain, Ivan was exonerated considering the circumstances and was given permanent command of Posiedon. He served as Captain of ISS Poseidon for the next six years and to ingratiate himself with the Admiralty and with the government.

Head of Imperial Starfleet Security
In 2359, Ivan Petrov was promoted to Admiral and was assigned as Head of Imperial Starfleet Security by Emperor Antonius himself. In this exalted position, he brought his knowledge and experience to bear, changing several policies which, in his mind, left the Imperial Starfleet open to attack and weakened the potency of their soldiery. He also worked closely with the Imperial Marines to strengthen the cooperation between units on the ground and in the air. In 2363, however, Ivan was asked by the Grand Admiral to handle creation of a new super-weapon which used the top-secret Omega Particle as a sort of doomsday device for their enemies. Ivan had overestimated the potency of his security apparatus, however, and the secret became known by the Romulan Republican Navy who quickly and publicly criticized the Empire for its erratic project. Since the Emperor had not personally authorized the research, he was looking for someone to blame. The Grand Admiral at the time marked Ivan for punishment in order to save his own skin.

Ivan, knowing that remaining in Terran space would now be a death sentence, gathered his things quickly and disappeared without even saying goodbye to his family. Following Ivan’s self-inflicted exile, the Grand Admiral and his closest allies were executed and replaced.

Exile on Rakal V
Ivan escaped on a minor transport and used a nearby freighter to make his way to the nearest Alliance world. While there, trying to find work that pays, Ivan was picked up by a very greedy Ferengi and sold into the slave circle of Gul Dumrat, a senior military official of the alliance. Never revealing who he truly was, Ivan worked under the name Yuri Morozov and started by scrubbing floors. Soon it became clear to his masters that he had a keen tactical mind and he was gradually promoted up the ranks. By 2368, he had bought his freedom and became one of the Chief Military Advisors to Gul Dumrat. While helping him plan dozens of military attacks, Ivan was biding his time for an opportunity to strike.

In 2371, his opportunity came. The Terran Resistance was started officially on Terok Nor within the Alliance. Immediately, Ivan leant them his services and became the leader of the cell on Rakal V. In order to deal damage to the Alliance in the name of the Empire, Ivan planned the destruction of an entire world. An antimatter bomb was detonated which had such a high yield, it destroyed Rakal V with all of its inhabitants, including Gul Dumrat. Having scored a great victory, Ivan traveled back to Terra to plead for his life to be restored because of his achievements. Once Emperor Antonius heard his story, he joyfully welcomed Ivan back into Terran society and actually gave him command of the ISS Vengeance at the reduced rank of Captain.