Character Profile - Shelley Delyn

Shelley Delyn
Human/Bajoran Female

Place of Origin: Born On Bajor In 2363

Physical Description

Height: 5’5″
Weight: 115
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Hazel

Reasonably small in stature but not overly short, slender and fit but not “skinny” or body-builder level muscled.

Personality Profile

Shelley Delyn is a freelance reporter who does both written and video/holographic pieces for a variety of outlets including the Federation News Network and the Bajoran Daily.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Determined and ambitious, which are traits that definitely can cut both ways; though she has tempered somewhat since her youngest years.

Ambitions: To break a variety of “big” stories and be known and respected as a top reporter.

Hobbies & Interests: A definite animal lover, Shelley is a fan of anything with fur and owns both a domesticated Bajoran harra-cat,Rejka and a labrador retriever, Benji. She is also an excellent springball player. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given her mother’s and father’s history and her own, she has no love lost for Cardassians.

Languages: Federation Standard, Bajoran, Cardassian.

Early years Biography

Shelley is the daughter of a human father and a Bajoran mother: Her father, whose family had been forced off of colonies turned over to the Cardassians by the Federation, was the pilot, captain, and owner of a small freighter (and an occasional smuggler), who met and married her mother, a young member of the Bajoran Resistance, during the last years of the occupation, when she contracted his services to smuggle supplies. Shelley lived the first few years of her life with her mother’s Resistance cell; after the Cardassians’ departure from Bajor when she was 6, her mother was commissioned as a junior officer in the Bajoran Militia and posted to Deep Space Nine, where her father also found work making his continued cargo runs.

In 2373, the evacuation of all Federation citizens from Deep Space Nine at the start of the war against the Dominion briefly separated the family; her mother remained behind on Bajor with Shelley, while her father took his ship elsewhere for safe(er) harbor, running freight in non-aligned space; they were reunited after the Federation alliance retook the station.

Shelley began her press career in her late teens doing freelance work for various small Bajoran papers; soon her pieces were being picked up by larger, more reputable Bajoran networks and occasionally by the Federation News Network as well.

She is a devout follower of the Bajoran religion; however she is fairly flexible with her name usage and has bylines both human style as Shelley Delyn and Bajoran style as Delyn Shelley. Her mother, Delyn Meraza, retired from the Bajoran Militia when Bajor joined the Federation as she did not believe she would “fit in” as a member of Starfleet; she later joined the Bajoran Civil Police and currently serves as Chief of Police in a suburb of the capital. Her father, Theodore (Ted) Maxwell, still runs freight; albeit with a much larger, nicer ship than the one he once wooed her mother in…and probably with less contraband in it.