Character Profile - Thy'rali zh'Zharath


Thy’rali zh’Zharath
Andorian Female

Place of Origin: Born On Andor In 2369

Physical Description

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 145
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Grey/Ice Blue

Fine, sleek white hair and blue skin, with relatively rare grey-blue eyes and a somewhat slighter frame and build than the Andorian average.

Personality Profile

A published writer of fiction and novels, as well as several screenplays, Thy’rali, an Andorian zhen, is aboard the Vesta with one of her spouses, junior diplomat Kairishana (“Kairi”), the quad’s shen, and their children; the pair’s other spouses, thaan Ulaev and chan Shelithan, are currently respectively assigned as a security officer to another Starfleet vessel and a civilian xenoarcheologist traveling for research purposes. While the bondgroup as a whole are close to one another, Thy’rali and Kairi are the closest of the pair, making their temporary isolation work better for them than it might for some others.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Perhaps quieter than most Andorians on first glance, with somewhat more patience than average, but will a tritanium will beneath it. A champion multitasker, like most mothers; she is surprisingly well-versed in unexpected subjects thanks to research she has done for the purposes of her writing.

Ambitions: Thy’rali aspires at the moment to finish her latest novel and send it to her editor…Assuming she could get the children to leave her alone for more than three minutes at a time.

Hobbies & Interests: Writing, ice dancing, holosimulations, and superficial interests in a wide variety of other topics thanks to the need to study various subjects for her writings.

Languages: Federation Standard, Andorian.

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