Character Profile - N'tiri

Caitian 1

caitian Female

Place of Origin: Cait

Physical Description

N’tiri is full 100% caitian, shes a strong willed Caitian, and obeys orders to
the bone,and a very good listener with her cat like ears she could hear anything,and furry tail ,and whiskers twitching N’tiri always knew what was going on. She is very alert Caitian,she was trained
well on her planet Cait, as a soldier,plus her time on Earth at Starfleet Academy. She never was never
a failure at anything.

Personality Profile

N’tiri has brown fur, allover, she is 25yrs old , 5’8 in height, and she is 115 in weight with green eyes. shes really built as a caitian.

Early years Biography

N’tiri before joining Starfleet, she was an average caitain, who helped her family out in different things, picking up cargo for them, or transfering cargo out of Cait… N’tiris strong ambition is to to fight the big fight ,whoever starfleet is after, and that includes da Borg,or any other species. Getting along with command and shipmates in her sternish ways,shes not a friend maker but she will talk to them, and try not to provoke a fight, shes done it on Cait,but try not to do it on a starship, and not cause problems, she has been known to do that when she was in being trained in her brothers caitain army.


N’tiris history was like no other she was not like other female caitians ands get slinky,she was as they say on Earth, a more like a tom boy., all she wanted to do is be like the other male Caitians, just go full fire and fight,she was taking classes in fighting from both her caitian brothers who taughter well. She was like a wild cat out in the woods who fought the animals and other caitains to prove shes one smart cookie, but doesn’t like to fool around just stay at her post, and pull the trigger. Like tough caitain on the prowl…