Character Profile - Anastatzia (Statzia) Litski

Statzia Beta 2

Anastatzia (Statzia) Litski
Human Female

Place of Origin: Alpha Quadrant, exact location unknown

Physical Description

Black, short-cropped black hair kept in tight coils. Statzia has a prosthetic left leg below the knee and is missing her left pinky finger past the first digit.

Personality Profile

Statzia comes off as very distant. After 17 years undercover for Starfleet Intelligence, she’s learned to keep everyone at a safe distance.

Early years Biography

A force to be reckoned with, Statzia is not afraid to speak her mind. The youngest of five children and the only girl, she knows how to stand her ground and will stand toe-to-toe on matters she feels strongly about. Her large, extended family served as junkers and haulers, drifting between spaceports before moving on to the next battle wreckage. When Statzia was 6 months old, her mother, Natalka, was killed in an accidental airlock decompression.

At the age of 18, Statzia slipped off of the family freighter when moored at Starbase 74 and arranged passage to Earth (an exchange that she has purposefully refused to speak about). She showed a knack for Operations (after a lifetime of tearing apart ships) and graduated 27th in her class.


Statzia’s career took a downturn after a scientific mission on a previously-uncharted moon went sideways. During their investigation of geographic formations, a geothermal tremor brought down part of the cave the team was surveying, and Statzia became buried under the rubble, crushing the lower half of her left leg under a boulder. As she regained consciousness, she witnessed one of her team members being torn apart by some kind of carnivorous creature–Statzia’s recollection is fuzzy. She remembers the creature digging its teeth into her shoulder and trying to drag her body away, but the boulder securing her leg to the cave floor. She once again lost consciousness.

When she reawakened, there were no signs of her crew being alive. Blood had pooled at various points in the cave, but the bodies were gone, obviously having been dragged out the entrance to the cave. Statzia managed to get her belt off, make a tourniquet on her leg, and managed to raggedly cut 2/3 the way through her leg before the Search and Rescue team found her. She had been alone, in the darkness of the cave, for two days.

Upon her return to her ship, Statzia struggled to acclimate to her injury, her prosthetic (which she refuses to wear unless under direct order), and trusting herself–and her crew trusting her. After several verbal altercations, a physical fight, a rank demotion, and numerous reprimands, it was determined that Statzia would benefit from a fresh start on a new crew, and transfer was arranged to DS-10.

The DS10 project was short-lived. Despite best efforts to retrofit and repair the station, Starfleet ultimately scrapped the project. Shortly before the project ended, Statzia submitted her letter of resignation to the station’s Captain and disappeared.

Her file for the last 17 years is currently classified.