Character Profile - Milina-Summ

Grazerite Female

Place of Origin: Grazerite

Physical Description

Milina-Summ is a Grazerite, as such their facial features included a pronounced, deeply furrowed brow and a bovine snout. A layer of fine, light downy fur covered their hide-thick skin. Two slightly curving horns, several inches in length, crowned the Grazerite skull. As is the custom of her people she wears a head covering keeping her shoulder length hair tucked up and hidden away. She tends to match the colour to her uniform and while off duty she has a simple black covering.

She is shorter than the average Grazerite at just under 5 feet tall but she I well toned and is pretty, not stunning but enough to draw gazes as she passes. Milina works out to keep her fitness levels at peek levels, she runs for fun and often out paces her fellow marines during training.

Overall she is often underestimated and overlooked as a threat. She has used her physical stature as a way to achieve her goals, and to win her fights. She uses the size and strength of her opponents to her own advantage.

Personality Profile

Having grown up in a mixed community aboard a terraforming station she was brought up to view the station crew as family. She had a stronger bond with them than she does with other Grazerite. As such she has a strong value that anyone can be family.

During her time in the Federation Marines she has learnt that violence is often the the answer. She has been deployed and aimed at problems that diplomacy failed to solve, and had been so many times that she struggles to see the non-violent solution at times.

During her time in the Marines she has often been deployed into situations as the last resort or the final solution and has been hindered by ineffective commanding officers who didn’t like a Marine taking command. ‘Coz of this not everyone is worth her attention.

As a Grazerite she never makes snap decisions or choices, she is very methodical and weighs all her options before deciding one course of action.

In general Milina-Summ is a level headed and optimistic person who enjoys interacting with her peers. Her demeanour gives rise to the false impression that she is the diversity hire. In reality she is a fiercely loyal and strong minded marine who has seen more combat than even a dominion war veteran. She is a little jaded by her experiences but still seeks friendship whenever she can.

– During her time with the Marines Milina-Summ has been deployed to a number of war zones and policing action. It isn’t often that her unit was deployed in peaceful times. Experience has taught her that violence is often the the answer to most situations… Of course she knowns not every situation and her very nature means she only applies violence when it is necessary and only enough to solve the problem.

– Her small size and the stereo typical view of Grazerites have meant that many superior officers have dismissed her at a glance. This has often lead to frustration on her part. She has had to worker to get to where she is and she had to work hard and long to develop her reputation. She’s learnt that there are times, and people who are not worth her attention. It is hard for someone to earn her respect back after loosing it!

+ Millenia of evolution have taught the Grazerite to be patient, to think things through and to seek all the information before making a decision or choice! As such they have developed an analytical mind that can process information quickly and efficiently. Experience has taught Milina-Summ that field decisions have to be made quickly on often with incomplete information, She acts to the best of ability and the information available to her.

+/- She is short, and pretty and a Grazerite! This combination often means she is overlooked or under estimated. In the privacy of her own quarters she worries about how others view and treat her, often staring out the window or at a wall as she allows those feelings to overwhelm her. On duty, however, she is a force of nature. The small Grazerite will use those attitudes towards her to her own advantage. Either subvert to get her own way, or to so thoroughly destroy their image of her that they never see her that way again

+ Milina-Summ rose through the ranks by exceling at her job. She is a leader of troops and a tactician. Policies state she not lead from the front, but she always takes the field of battle with her troops and for this she is well liked. She has been lucky not to have lost any troops, though some have been wounded under her command. Her clear and calming presence in the face of enemy fire has served her well.

+ Some of her extra training includes:
Type 3 Phaser Rifle Marksmen
Type 2 Phaser Marksmen
Hand-to-hand Instructor
Close Protection Certified

+ Like all Grazerite, Milina-Summ has an ability known to her people as ‘Horn Sense’. Changes in atmospheric pressure and air vibrations can be detected within the complex interior of her horns! Most notable sounds that would otherwise have gone unnoticed have given a warning that had saved her.

Milina-Summ is always striving to be a better version of herself. She is always reading, always working out. She works hard in every aspect of her life to reach an equilibrium. Part of this is to rise up through the ranks and to start a family. Right now she is just happy to continue to improve herself and be the best person and officer she can be!

Mil loves to read, she will read anything she can get her hands on. Fiction, non-fiction and even instruction manuals.

While others might not consider it a hobby Mil is also completing a distance learning double degree from Starfleet Academy in History, with a focus in military history and Criminology, with a focus in Criminal investigation!

Another strange hobby is that she loves to run, cross country, through a ship or station and even along a beach, she just loves running!

Early years Biography

2366 – Born
She was born to Starfleet Marine Parents on the Tel-Alpha 2 Terraforming station. There was a small community of Grazerite on the station, but with only a few hundred people that Grazerite community had grown to include everyone; as such the tiny Grazerite and newest member of the community was doted upon by everyone. She grow to understand that there were no boundaries that could stand in the way of family!

2373 – 7 years old
She was just seven years old when the Dominion War began in earnest. Many of the Starfleet personal were worried at what it would all mean. They were just coming out of the war with t he Klingons and now a new one was starting. The station which the young Milina-Summ called home was far from the front line, but as the war drew on more and more of the fleet personal were reassigned to the front. Including her father, her mum had retired a few years before and was now the civilian security chief. Even so, even at her young age she knew something terribly bad was happening.

2381 – 15 Years old
As she was getting ready to start her per-academy studies in 2381 at 15 the Borg invasion began. Tel-Alpha 2 was nearing the end of the terraforming process and would soon be ready for habitation. The last stages involved seeding and transplanting life, and very labour intensive stage. But, as million of people were displaced a convoy of refugees showed up looking for a new home; it was fortunate that they didn’t just land before the process could be finished, instead they aided the terraformers.

Her father came home, but he was a changed man. Not to her or for her but he wasn’t as happy as he had been, war had changed him! He made sure that she was trained, before she would leave to join the marines he trained her in everything he knew.

2384 – 18 Years old
Just a few weeks before she was due to travel to Andoria to begin her training as a Starfleet Marine Officer the planet was ready for habitation! It was lucky that there was a few thousand people in a makeshift station ready to land. She watched from the observation lounge as the collection of refugee ships that had been docked together for so long break apart and descend into the blue skies of Tel-Alpha 2. She quickly lost sight of those ships as they were lost around the limb of the planet but she knew where they were going. The bone of the first city were already in place waiting to be finished!

2396 – 30 Years Old
As she was promoted to Major, and before she took up her new assignment Milina-Summ returned to her parents, to Tel-Alpha 2 where she saw the progress made, in just 12 years the capital city now housed millions, the planet a paradise almost untouched. She was glad to see everything that these people, who had lost so much to the Borg regain their new lives! Her joy was short lived though, just a few days after her arrival her Mother was killed, while she was the Chief of Police for the city she did join her officers on patrol once in a while; she had been killed while on duty. Milina-Summ and her father had been devastated, she had taken a months leave to help her dad and to bury her mum. Milina-Summ always said that it had been her ability to say bye to her mum that had allowed her to greave and begin to move forward.


2384 (18) | Officer Candidate School

2385 (19) | Second-In-Command – 8th Rifles, 3rd Battalion, 4 Platoon
Second Lieutenant

2387 (21) | Officer Commanding – 8th Rifles, 1st Battalion, 3 Platoon
First Lieutenant

2390 (24) | Second-In-Command – 8th Rifles, 1st Battalion, Easy Company

2396 (30) | Officer Commanding – 8th Rifles, 1st Battalion, Easy Company

2398 (32) | Officer Commanding – Marine Detachment/USS Gwydion