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Alexia Nolan

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Armstrong's Landing, Luna
Played by: kerrymalone

Physical Appearance

Of above average height for a human, Alexia has a full figure and a roundish face. With long brown hair that she almost always wears down or in a pony-tail if it gets in the way. Although having an athletic figure, she's not overly muscular, and has what might be considered 'healthy plumpness'.


Alexia is a very driven person, who only wants to do what's next. She's never quite satisfied with what she currently has, and always wants the next best thing. Whilst this is an admirable goal in life, it does make her somewhat distracted and gives her a lack of focus on the 'here and now'. However, she is an incredibly loyal and passionate person, always investing heavily in any relationship - friend or lover - thereby frequently opening herself up to heart-break and pain. But she considers those bumps in the road due to the sheer joy she has in the relationships that last.

Pre-Service Biography

Alexia grew up on Earth's moon, at Armstrong's Landing. A bright and energetic kid, she enjoyed school and made the most of her upbringing. She lived with her father, as her mother had left her with him and gone off to experience life in the galaxy - not wanting to be tied down.

Her father was rarely there for her, as he had to work three jobs to pay the bills, so on the rare occasions he was around, they spent it trying to enjoy each other's company. Her dad taught her many of her life-skills, as well as how to play a mean game of cards.

At 18, with excellent grades, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy, as that's what anyone with any intelligence went into. It was the best way to further her intellectual persuits and further her career. Right from the start, she wanted to be the youngest Admiral in Starfleet history - an ambitious goal if ever there was one.

Her academy days proved to her that she had a knack for this type of work, and excelled in various disciplines. However, in her third year, she started a passionate affair with one of her instructors, Commander Victoria Betham, and was caught performing leud sexual acts in a public area. She was hauled before the discipline board, and reprimanded, and her academic credits for the third year cancelled.

Alexia had to work harder than before to not only regain her lost credits for the third year that she was forced to repeat, but to get out from under the stigma that she'd inherited. Cast as a sexual deviant with no morals or ethics, she was prohibited from taking the command element in her fourth year, instead being told to find another discipline.

Ashamed and put down, she went into Engineering, and graduated twentieth in her group. Convinced everyone had it out for her, she was determined to make her career a good one.

Assigned to the USS Grissom as an Assistant Engineer, she worked hard to remove the stigma that she carried, and be judged on her merits. No matter how hard to she tried, she always found herself getting into trouble over a beautiful woman. Accepting this, she quickly found herself a nit of close friends, who protected her from herself - mostly.

With her advance to Lieutenant JG, she was transferred to Starbase Infinity, where she did a three year tour as Assistant Chief Engineer. She liked her time on Infinity, and was accepted for who she was, not who she'd been in the Academy. It was here she had her first proper relationship, with a civilian bartender, Georgina Andrews. This lasted for two years, until a messy break up forced Alexia to leave Infinity and accept a deep space assignment.

Recieving a promotion to Lieutenant, she was made Chief Engineer of an Intrepid class starship, the USS Janeway. Whilst she should've enjoyed her time in this role, she didn't. She found her old ambition rising to the surface, and started looking for command roles. Accepted into the command course at the Academy, she took a semester to gain her command rating at last.

Once out, she was posted to the USS Quinn as Chief Engineer and Second Officer. She did her three tours on the Quinn, but never really made a home for herself. She was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in her last tour, but quickly wanted to move on.

It was around this time that she met an attractive Asian woman by the name of Mitsu Sato. During shore-leave, the two had a brief yet highly intimate relationship. It wasn't until the day before she was due to return to service that Alexia found out that Mitsu was actually a Starfleet Captain. Worried that she'd blotted her copy-book yet again, she begged her to keep their relationship a secret.

Sato did one better, and endorsed her application to become a First Officer. With this endorsement, Alexia was able to gain a foot in the door, and was posted as First Officer aboard the USS Logan, a small Steamrunner Class vessel on routine patrol along the Klingon border.

After eighteen months of mediocre service, Alexia was looking for a command of her own. She joined the waiting list for available command positions, and after six months, was earmarked for a command. Perversely at this time, her former lover, Mitsu Sato, was up for a promotion of her own, and the person she was up against decided to smear Sato by revealing the intimate relationship she'd had with Nolan.

This action had the unintended side-effect of casting doubt on Sato's personal endorsement of Nolan for the command position she was currently in. Rumours circulated that Nolan only made XO because she'd slept her way there. The rumours gained traction and her earmarking was put under review - indefinitely. Her repeated queries to the Starfleet Personnel office at first were inconclusive, and eventually were ignored.

News reached her that Sato had retired from Starfleet for personal reasons, and it had become obvious that her command application had been put on permanent hiatus. Even her own crew were giving her the evils and the respect she'd worked so hard for had been tarnished. When her tour as First Officer on the USS Logan was coming up for renewal, she was informed by the CO that he'd requested that her tenure not be extended due to a conflict of interest with the crew.

Heartbroken, Alexia left the USS Logan and was given a low level functionary role on Earth, where she was left to languish for over a year. However, she caught the eye of Vice Admiral Charles Vernon, a somewhat eccentric Admiral at headquarters, who was renown for his quirky ideas and solutions to problems, that somehow worked out even though they really ought not to. Vernon had been tasked with providing additional ships to the overtaxed Obsidian Fleet to help bolster their efforts. Ships were aplenty in the bone-yards of the Federation, following a round of budget cuts, but experienced crews to man them were coming up short.

Vernon's eccentric idea was to pilot the concept of the "Second Chance Squad", as his critics had coined it, but he'd taken that insult and made it his own. He found an aged yet still serviceable Galaxy Class cruiser, the USS Centaurus, and decided to give a roll of the dice on Alexia, appointing her its new Commanding Officer.

StarFleet Service History

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