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Angus Murphy

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Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Boradis III Colony
Played by: liam

Physical Appearance

Murph has a light complexion, red hair, and a scruffy beard that he keeps fairly short within regulation.


Murphy is a whitty, hot-headed engineer who takes his duty to keeping the ship running very seriously. He's pretty closed, personally, following the loss of his long time partner on his previous assignment and he tends to be very hard on the people who work for him, driving them toward perfection and making it clear that he's not their friend. If they need someone to talk to, they should see a counselor or a bartender.

He sees a counselor regularly for working through stress and grief issues and he's learning to be open and frank in those discussions. He understands that counseling works, so he may not enjoy the sessions, but he does comply with them.

There are times when the counseling thing isn't convenient. Late at night, when he's in his quarters alone or on shore leave--, those are the hardest moments. He'll sometimes slip out for a drink at the lounge. It doesn't really help, but he pretends it does. It's become a habit now, maybe one that had become too much of a crutch.

He grew up in a rough area of a Federation colony. The colony was located on a busy trade route and so it was regularly visited by traders who didn't always have the same respect for people and property that the citizens who lived there did. He learned to stick up for himself, his family, and his ideals when challenged and the whole experience of growing up there left him with hard edges to his personality.

Pre-Service Biography

xxxx - xxxx Starfleet Academy - Engineering Track
xxxx - xxxx Utopia Planitia Fleetyards - Junior Systems Engineer, Explorer Classes
xxxx - xxxx USS Black Prince - Auxiliary Systems Engineer
xxxx - xxxx USS Indiana - Senior Engineer
xxxx - current USS Majestic - Chief Engineering Officer

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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