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Daniel Boyd

Dr. Daniel Boyd

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Earth
Played by: pgorman

Physical Appearance

1.7 m tall, weighing 88.4 kgs - red hair with a neatly trimmed beard and hazel eyes.


General Overview
Daniel exudes confidence, not to the point of being cocky but just well trained and able to handle most situations.
Strengths & Weaknesses
From a pure medical standpoint his strengths are in diagnostics and research. He has developed what his father always called a good bedside manner that puts his patients at ease. His primary professional weakness relates to the chain of command issues that Starfleet insists on imposing even on medical personnel. He's not one to get caught up in all of the politics, which can get him in trouble.

Out of the office Daniel isn't nearly as confident and tends to have difficulty in group settings.

Pre-Service Biography

Daniel grew up in Ireland on Earth, the only son of two prominent physicians. From an early age Daniel began being groomed to take over the family medical practice. His father had taken over the practice from his father, and his father before him, going back 5 generations. And while Daniel clearly had the aptitude for medicine, as he grew older he began to dream of a different life for himself.

When he first mentioned to his father that he wasn’t sure he wanted to take over the family practice and deep divide developed between the two - one that to this day still hasn’t been completely healed. To his father any thought of not continuing the family tradition was tantamount to rebellion. From Daniel’s point of view he was simply following his heart, something his mother had ingrained in him.

The day that his acceptance letter to Starfleet academy arrived would always remained imprinted on Daniel’s memory. His father read the letter on his son’s PADD, put that on the table, and looked at his son. The disappointment on his face was palpable. To Daniel’s surprise though his father did his best to accept his son’s decision, even going so far as to ask him questions and try to show some genuine interest. It was forced, that much was clear, but it was better than Daniel had expected. He had always looked up to and admired his father and the thought of this decision severing their relationship had concerned Daniel greatly. It certainly strained the relationship but at least there was enough hope there that one day his father would come to accept and even respect his decision.

His time at the academy seemed to fly by. As a cadet Daniel was forced to focus his studies on everything but medicine, which proved to be a challenge. He really wasn’t at all interested in flight operations, security procedures, and all of the other topics that were covered. He simply wanted to be a doctor. But he wanted to be a doctor that was able to see new places, observe and treat new diseases, be challenged by different races and conditions. “To boldly go” so to speak, so he endeavored to complete his core studies as well as he could. There was also the constant reminder in the back of his head that his performance in these courses would dictate whether or not he was accepted into Starfleet Medical training, so he couldn’t just blow this stage of his training off completely.

Daniel performed sufficiently enough in his classes, but found he had a hard time making true friends. Thinking back on it he really never did have any close friends, even on Earth. That was probably because he was constantly studying something rather than interacting with people outside of his family. His sister, Tiffany, and he were very close, but that was really the only true relationship that he had. He tried his best but apparently hadn’t developed strong interpersonal skills outside of the classroom.

Once he was accepted into Starfleet Medical Daniel began to really excel academically. He was consistently in the top of his class in the majority of subjects. He could thank his parents for exposing him to so much early in his life and his natural affinity for this type of learning for that. He even began to come out of his shell a bit and became close friends with two of his fellow students.

StarFleet Service History

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