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Deianira Coldbright

Deianira Coldbright

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Born: Grazer
Played by: wynnushaar

Physical Appearance

Deianira is an impressive, mature woman approaching fifty years of age. She has long auburn hair and eyes the color of storm clouds. She is slightly above average height for a human woman and is in better than average physical condition.


Because of her upbringing Deianira is often quiet and contemplative. Honest, hardworking, intelligent and resourceful are all adjectives that have been used to describe her in previous Starfleet evaluations. While she does tend to focus on her career, she is easy going and friendly. She despises dishonesty, and does not tolerate laziness in herself or others and always endeavours to stay active.

Pre-Service Biography

Deianira was born in 2345 and raised on the planet Grazer, homeworld of the Grazerite people. Her mother, Theodora Castallanos was a xenoanthropologist studying the unique cultural and societal practices of the planet’s natives. To gain the best perspective on the Grazerite’s way of life Theodora completely immersed herself, living as one of them. The basic social unit among the Grazerites is the upsol, a conglomeration of anywhere from a hundred to five hundred individuals who work, relax, eat, and ruminate together. They are often related to one another by blood, but upsols consisting entirely of unrelated individuals also exist, and behave no differently than their more common counterparts. Grazerite life centers on the group, not the individual. So, when Theodora’s daughter, Deianira was born, she was raised among the upsol that had taken in her mother. In fact, it was with Deianara’s birth that Theodora was granted full citizenship, becoming an honorary Grazerite citizen, allowing her to participate in their upsol’s deliberations and in the planet’s consensus democracy - right achieved by all Grazerites upon the ‘first-birth’ of a child.

As part of the upsol, Deianira was educated and raised by all the adult members of the group. A quiet and thoughtful people, Grazerites provide an excellent education to their youths which allows them to succeed in a variety of careers on their homeworld and throughout the Federation. As the only human child in their upsol, Deianira was more attached to her birth parents, Theodora, than most Grazerites, who maintain some affection for their parents, but see the entire adult group of the upsol as their parents. As a child, Deianira’s closest friend was a young Grazerite boy, Ilwejj-Illweiy who was born the same week as she was, and their mother’s first-birth rituals were co-joined because of the timing.

While Deianira was raised by her mother and the rest of their upsol, her father was not absent from her life. Jeffrey Coldbright was a Starfleet diplomatic security officer assigned to the Federation embassy located in the Grazer’s capital city. Because of her father’s influence, Deianira was infatuated with Starfleet from an early age, and made it her goal to one day sail among the stars. So, at age 17 both she and her best friend, Ilwejj-Illweiy departed Grazer for Earth, where they had been accepted into Starfleet Academy. During their time there the pair were assigned to different squadrons, and while they were not almost always together as they had been on Grazer, the pair still made time to maintain their association while on Earth. As a member of Theta squadron, Deianira discovered her hidden talent for leadership that she had been unable to display while living with the upsol on Grazer. She also found that she was quite intuitive and gifted at reading people.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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