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Gabriel Michael Wolfinghaus

Gender: Male
Place of Origin: San Antonio, Texas, Earth
Played by: dcoble

Physical Appearance

5'11" tall, Gabriel has dark tan skin and dark hair. He is quite attractive and his eyes seem to change color depending upon what he is wearing. He keeps his hair relatively long but not so long as to appear feminine. His broad shoulders and muscular build add to his military appearance.


Gabriel is generally considered easy going, but only to those who know him well and have earned his trust. To all others, he is well known for being a home-body and a recluse. When he gets out, he parties a lot, but always seems to still keep his wits about him.

Pre-Service Biography

Born in Austin, Texas, Gabriel lost his family in a murder-suicide committed by his father. He is generally believed to still carry the trauma of having to witness this event when he was three years old. Placed in the Foster Care system, Gabriel was never adopted but did have a routine visitor whom he later came to view as an uncle. His 'uncle' happened to be a local Starfleet Officer who worked with Starfleet Intelligence as part of a subsection believed to be, but never confirmed, Section 31. This officer wrote the recommendations for Gabriel to attend Starfleet Academy and become an officer. From there, Gabriel focused himself on a dual major in Security and Intelligence.

StarFleet Service History

Awards Won

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