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Joi Shaw

Joi Shaw

Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Cuba, Earth
Played by: kendleflynn

Physical Appearance

Shaw is a 5'4, medium build woman. She has a very soft tone but make no mistake she is very keen and mission driven. She has light brown eyes and has an effective and challenging demeanor.


Shaw has always been a very smart and thoughtful throughout her upbringing and career. She has excelled at most things she has put her mind to. Her parents, having Starfleet background themselves, have always pushed her to be her best and achieve all she has the capability for and so much more. She leads with precision. She fights for what is right. She trains her body and mind every day and only demands the best.

Her strength is her drive to all things success. She is career oriented, team driven, and wants nothing more than to win, win, and win! Her parents were a big influence on her.

Weaknesses: She doesn't have much of a social life. She drinks heavily and she does not enjoy making mistakes. She takes them personally.

She is a career focused woman. Moving up the chain of command is her number one ambition at this time.

Shaw loves to play strategic games: Risk, Chess, and a pinch of monopoly. She played them a lot with her family when she was younger. She currently reads a lot and conditions her body.

Pre-Service Biography

Joi Shaw was born on April 12, 2369 on Cuba, Earth.

Joi is the only child. Her father, Julius Shaw, a retired Captain. His mother, Amanda Leonard-Shaw, Former Chief Medical Officer at Star Fleet Research and Development.

When she was young and growing up, Joi would be split twice a year between her parents while they worked. She loved reading old novels in her spare time. Her favorite was old Stephen King Novels filled with horror and suspense. She also loved reading non-fiction, some of the memoirs of the leaders from before the Federation. Like Stalin, George Washington, and Charles de Gaulle. She always tried to get an insight into what leadership was like. How they built, empowered, and moved nations forward, sometimes from scratch. Joi loved to just read and imagine.

When Joi graduated from High School, both her parents retired and moved back to Cuba to settle down. Joi joined Star Fleet Academy and both her parents provided valuable information to help her succeed. Serving in the Federation and Starfleet takes discipline, charisma, courage, heart, and sometimes fear. Being a leader requires all these things. These complications were important and they did their hardest to remind her of these.

Joi would do well at the Academy for the first year. She had a 3.7 average and was on the verge of deciding on a major – Science Division. Unfortunately, both her parents would die in a transportation accident heading to France for a vacation. The shuttle malfunctioned and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. No survivors. Upon hearing the news, Joi dropped out of the Academy to grieve and tend to her parent’s estate.

One night, sorting through her mother’s personal belongings, she found an old journal detailing moments throughout her mother’s career. Her mother, along with several colleagues, were researching important cures to some of the deadliest known illnesses and diseases. She, on an almost every day basis, put her own life at risk to study, research, and develop vaccines or cures, or at least tried to. A young 12-year-old boy who developed Type-4 Small Pox. A Starfleet Captain who came in contact with the Phage, a new infection that has just reached the Alpha Quadrant from the Delta, an entire village wiped out by Lyrax Respiratory Syndrome. Her mother never did tell her about her work. She always said, “helping people” or “Just patching up cuts and fixing colds.” These weren’t simple colds and cuts. This was more important. Something Joi took to heart.

After several months of grieving, Joi kept her mom’s journals, and rejoined Star Fleet Academy. This time she focused on Engineering. She respected the job of medical professionals but she was more of a grease monkey. Joi graduated 6th in his class. She was no 4.0 average, like she had been on track to before her parents passed, but it was all fine for her. She knew that life, and the journeys she will have, won’t ever be black and white, like grades. Her career will evolve and change based on events and experiences. No grade can provide the knowledge and experience on what waits beyond the wilderness of space.

She is hoping to get her first assignment soon on the USS Valkyrie.

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