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Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Yridia / Ktaria
Played by: wynnushaar

Physical Appearance

Due to her hybrid nature, Pecia's appearance is unique. She possesses the dusky coloring of her Yridian half, but without the wrinkled skin. Her complexion is mottled with a series of spiny ridges, typical of Ktarian-hybrids, but more pronounced in Pecia than most as they also run over her shoulders and upper chest. The skin has a smooth, almost scale-like quality, and can feel rough if rubbed against the grain. Despite her unconventional appearance, Pecia has a singular beauty in her lithe form. She wears her brown hair long, just past her shoulders and tends to let it flow freely. Pecia's piercing blue eyes do not have the typical horizontal slits of most Ktarians. Judging from appearance alone, one would be hardpressed to identify Pecia's background.


Pecia has grown throughout her life from a timid girl ashamed of her own appearance into a confident woman in full command of her faculties. She has learned to use her alien appearance to her advantage instead of her detriment, and coupled with her brilliant intelligence makes her a force to be reckoned with in any situation.

Pre-Service Biography

Pecia's father was a notorious smuggler, Voktan Preym, specializing in weapons and illicit technologies. Her mother, Sollion, was an unwitting merchant that he used to fence surplus goods on more a few occasions. Sollion, eventually found herself attracted to the man she thought was a reputable freighter captain. Their romance was short lived. The life of a smuggler is often fraught with conflict, and Pecia's father was killed before she was born when his ship was raided by pirates. Sollion never told her daughter about her father's shady past, and instead lied to her, developing Voktan into a Starfleet officer instead, and casting him as a heroic casualty of the Tzenkethi War.

Pecia was raised on the colony world Fios III, where she had a hard time fitting in with the other children. The colony's inhabitants were mostly human, and her appearance was very different from the others. She also aged faster than the human children during the first several years of her life, thanks to her father's Ktarian heritage, and began school at a younger than average age. When she was a teenager, her mother moved them to Luna and opened a new antique shop there, having tired of the unpredictable life on the frontiers of the Federation. Luna's capital, Tycho City, was far more cosmopolitan than the dusty colony where Pecia had spent most of her life. She had a far easier time fitting in there and for the first time in her life felt like she had made real friends with her schoolmates. With the stress of being an unwelcome outsider removed, Pecia also excelled in her studies and graduated at the top of her class.

While she was unsure of the ultimate direction her life would take, she expected that she would remain close to home where acceptance seemed easier to come by than elsewhere. With a budding interest in politics, she enrolled in Tycho University where she would begin to study political science, though she continued to live with her mother. By her third year however she would transition to pre-law, seeing political science and activism as a good way to make a lot of noise, but not necessarily make meaningful change. Proving herself to be a gifted legal scholar, Pecia made the fields of military ethics and civil liberties her areas of specialization.

It was during her final year at Tycho University that a perfect storm of circumstance gathered around her that would irrevocably change the direction of her life. During mock trials in preparation for graduation, Pecia discovered that her father had not died heroically during the Dominion War, as her mother had always led her to believe. She left home and moved in to her own apartment in the city and found a new freedom in being on her own for the first time. This began a period of estrangement from her mother that would last for years. This new unburdened freedom would also allow Starfleet Intelligence the opportunity to cultivate her as an asset. Lieutenant Margeaux St. Croix, who would become her first handler, was unabashedly honest when told Pecia that a part of their interest in her was due to her unique, alien appearance. While that alone would never have qualified her for the type of work SI required, the brilliant legal mind within did. While Margeaux's initial assignments were initially based in the analysis of information and legal review, the lieutenant made it no secret that she expected Pecia to become an active agent working in the field on behalf of Starfleet Intelligence.

With her relationship with her mother sundered, Pecia took the opportunity to run far away to pursue her law degree. At the Delthara University Complex on Alpha Centauri IV she continued to operate on an as-needed basis for SI. When possible, Lieutenant St. Croix began deploying Pecia into the field, strictly on intelligence gathering operations, which often saw her simply speaking with academics and dignitaries from around the Federation and beyond, and then passing along information back to Starfleet. As a third year student, St. Croix arranged for Pecia to spend a semester abroad, attending the Cho'q'nok Primary, a Klingon equivalent of her regular legal program. Not only did this give her the opportunity to gain an advanced understanding of Klingon legal concept, but provided an avenue for her to gather substantial amounts of information on the current state of the Klingon Empire at the time. Though the assignment was intended to be an intelligence gathering operation only, Pecia was eventually forced to cooperate with Klingon Intelligence officers to put a stop to an attempted assassination of key High Council members.

After returning to Alpha Centauri IV, Pecia resumed her typical role for SI as an analyst while completing the requirements for her juris doctorate. That final year was made most difficult as she longed for the thrill of adventure that she had first experienced chasing down political dissidents on Qo'noS. Pecia turned down offers from several of the Federation's top law firms upon completion of her degree, and instead took a position, arranged secretly by Starfleet Intelligence, at the Federation Embassy on Cardassia Prime. Ostensibly there as a legal aid for Federation civilians accused of crimes within the Union and a legal adviser to the Federation's ambassador, Wade Parker, her mission was far more elaborate.

As the True Way terrorist organization continued to soldier on, it was Pecia's job, alongside many other intelligence assets in the region, to gather operational intelligence, and when necessary act on that information. During her more than three years serving in the region, Pecia developed something of an ongoing rivalry with a former gul, turned terrorist, Glina Refren. While the two never met face-to-face, Pecia's actions in the region continually hindered Refren's cell in their missions. Responsible for stopping a bombing, ending shipments of illicit narcotics, and shutting down a True Way starship repair depot, Pecia continued to gain the ire of Refren. As the emnity between the two women grew, Pecia was transferred off of Cardassia Prime and back to Earth, leaving Refren with a new opponent, the recently promoted Liuetenant Commander Margeaux St. Croix, head of the undercover Relay 114 project, a Federation communications satalite hiding a SI listening post dedicated to continuing to monitor Refren's True Way cell.

Back on Earth, Pecia found herself entwined in the halls of academia. Starfleet Intelligence had once again arranged for her employment, this time as an instructor in military ethics at the Federation War College, located in Washingon D.C. The school's programs offered continuing instruction in a variety of military-related fields and disciplines to exceptionally talented officers from Starfleet, soldiers from Federation member world's own military units, and in many cases, foreign powers in an effort to breed ongoing cooperation. One such student was the Romulan Trevel Cosaer, whom Pecia was instructed to groom as an asset of her own. Pecia's new handler, Lieutenant Hreden thsk'Umree, an Andorian veteran of the intelligence game, thought Trevel would make a particularly useful asset with his ties to the Romulan Commander Syrenec, who had recommended him for the exchange position. Ultimately, Pecia exercised discretion and after an initial foray into trying to turn Trevel, deemed him to loyal to the Romulans. Instead, she cultivated a relationship with another young Romulan officer, Lyshaa Terr. With Lyshaa's brother, Dminin, suffering from a rare blood condition, Pecia was able to leverage his sickness against advanced Federation medicine, to turn the young woman to the Federation's side.

A long series of events would unfold over the course of the next year, beginning with the extraction of Dminin from Romulan territory and his placement in a Federation medical facility. While this enabled Lyshaa to work on behalf of the Federation, supplying information on her own government in exchange for the treatments her brother needed to survive, at time she felt conflicted and more than once accused Pecia of holding her brother hostage to keep her compliant. The pair became directly involved with the Federation Secretary of State's office when due to political misunderstandings, it looked as though the Romulan government was trying to provoke a war. In the end, Pecia was dismayed as the Federation President and Secretary of State allowed Lyshaa to be traded away as part of a peace deal, to become a prisoner of the Romulan government. Despondent over part in the young woman's captivity, and probable execution, Pecia attempted to cut ties with Starfleet Intelligence.

For little more than six moths she lived a life free of the intrigue of spy-craft. While she missed it, she also found that she enjoyed the normality of simply teaching ethics at the war college. That was until a terrorist bombing in Tycho City threatened the life of her estranged mother. While Sollion was among the injured, she was not killed in the blast. Pecia spent months sitting by her mother's bedside whenever she was able. Once the elder woman regained consciousness, the two began a long overdue process of reconciliation and rebuilding their relationship.

The attack also produced a renewed vigor in Pecia for the work she had abandoned and she was forced to face how real the threats to the Federation were, and how much the people needed protection. She attempted first to contact her original handler, Margeaux St. Croix on Relay 114 only to find that the officer had been killed in the ongoing conflict with the True Way. Pecia next turned to her Hreden, who welcomed her back into the fold. This time though, he wanted her to formally join up and Pecia found herself shipping off to basic training.

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